1st Anniversary of MyBloggerLab – What We Achieved inward one Year

Dear MyBloggerLab Users,
If you lot are inwards Pakistan, Asia, Europe, USA, or wherever you last inwards the the world I desire to want you lot a Happy 5th of January. This engagement is feature to me because nosotros officially Launched MyBloggerLab on this twenty-four lx minutes catamenia inwards 2012. It’s truthful that Time runs similar an unstoppable racing car. I cannot believe that 1 whole twelvemonth has gone past times therefore Fast. I would similar to give thank you lot each together with every unmarried reader for making this possible. There was a Time, when our staff was thinking to nigh downward this site but because of your prominent back upwardly nosotros are withal last inwards the blogosphere. I Truly Appreciate your Comments, Tweets, Likes, Google +1s together with each together with every affair that you lot guys convey done to back upwardly us. There is no doubt, together with I tin proudly nation that nosotros convey finest audience.

In 2012, nosotros started equally a Small website generally for our readers together with clients. However, inside 1 year, nosotros are able to magnetize boundless attention. Alhamdulillah, at i time nosotros serve Tons of pageviews per calendar month helping Thousands of users. In past times 1 Year, nosotros are able to accomplish quite a few Milestones.  Consider the Following Achievements that nosotros convey made till date.

These achievements mightiness await small, but for our squad they are significant. Many Top Quality Websites convey mentioned us equally a Quality Tutorial website for Blogger Platform. We convey achieved a lot of things inwards only a 1 Year (365 Days) together with this await quite straightforward only because of the back upwardly nosotros convey from our incredible readers. Cannot halt thanking, to those who supported us throughout the past times year.
We convey written therefore many Cool articles inwards the past. Our principal intention is to allow the whole the world know that Blogger Platform is non a slumber. In fact, it is a robust platform if nosotros apply the right techniques. Below are only about of my personal favorites:

Obviously these are only few ones that I picked. However, experience gratuitous to browse our accomplish page together with honor the Full articles of MyBloggerLab.
The Main thought behind this site was to render Quality Widgets, Tips, Tricks together with other resources to the Blogger Community. From the starting, nosotros tried our best to embrace most each together with every topic that it unclear. Since, Beginners ever complain that they don’t convey a resource site that explains each together with everything from scratch  For that reason, MBL came into being.

Just a few days ago, on New Year’s Eve nosotros launched a Template website (Templateism.com) for blogger platform nether the banner of MBL. The principal intention behind this projection is to render Professional Themes/Templates therefore everyone tin convey an inspiring spider web log Layout. So far, the reply is extremely pregnant because people are appreciating our themes. This is something that inspires us to operate amongst to a greater extent than passion together with power.

Once again, on behalf of our staff I would similar to admit every unmarried reader who spends character fourth dimension on MyBloggerLab all the agency through the past times i year. In the coming twelvemonth ahead, nosotros would endeavour to render to a greater extent than useful, character tips together with tutorials. If anyone has whatever proposition then, only message us on our Facebook Page, Tweet us @mybloggerlab or role our contact us form.

Your Truly,
Syed Faizan Ali
Founder of MyBloggerLab

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