5 Reasons Why Blogger Dynamic Views For Mobile Is a Failure

After waiting hence many long years Google in conclusion introduced Mobile-friendly themes for Blogger Platform but those themes were non of sheer lineament because they lacked a lot inwards damage of designing in addition to optimizing, the solely impressive affair close them was their rapid Speed. In 2011, Google introduced Dynamic views subject for Desktop in addition to straight off they have got announced to convey Dynamic Views to Mobile. According to them, “We are bringing the speedy in addition to improved reading sense to mobile users”.  Unfortunately, it is non accurate because Dynamic Views subject lacks a lot whenever yous endeavor to access it from a mobile device. The Dynamic Views Theme For mobile is pretty much novel hence yous tin terminate await few bugs in addition to tiddler hitches. Today nosotros volition speak over the v Reasons why Dynamic Views could upset your Mobile users.

The 5 Big  Reasons Why Blogger’s Dynamic Views 

Theme For Mobile Could Annoy Your Visitors:

1. Low Google Page Speed Score:

To brand the spider web faster on both desktop in addition to Mobile devices, Google introduced a tool called Page Speed Analysis, which examine in addition to calculates the fourth dimension taken past times a spider web page to charge without whatever network breakage. Moreover, it gives a grade out of 100 based on the speed of a unmarried page of a website. However, the Dynamic views subject for Mobile has the lowest Page Speed grade every recoded past times a Blogger template in addition to that is 72 out of 100, hence the tool itself claims that it is a tedious in addition to sluggish theme. According to Matt Cutts, “Speeding upward a website is a decent affair to practise inwards general. Visitors that see your site would live on pleased in addition to overall a faster spider web would live on ameliorate for everyone”. Following is the screenshot captured from a weblog that uses Dynamic views subject for mobile.

In the to a higher house screenshot, nosotros have got compared the Google Speed Score of Dynamic Views in addition to a normal blogger template for a mobile device. It shows that how the lazy Dynamic persuasion is every bit compared to regular templates.

2. Won’t Support Old Mobiles amongst Slow Internet Connection:

Another blemish, nosotros institute spell reviewing Dynamic Views subject on mobile was that it requires a existent high speed cyberspace connection. We practise choose that, the Blue Planet is changing in addition to quondam phones are straight off replaced past times advance Smartphones but the volume of peoples are withal using quondam mobile models to access the internet. However, nosotros used an Android 2.3 smartphone amongst 1GHZ processor,256 MB Ram amongst 1Mb Wi-Fi connectedness in addition to withal it was taking also long to load, hence those mobiles that don’t have got Wi-Fi Connectively could never brand purpose of a site that is using dynamic views template for mobiles.

3. Eats Lots of Mobile Memory:<

We browsed Dynamic views subject on a smartphone for 1 lx minutes in addition to literally it soaked upward all the battery, in addition to furthermore it swallow lots of retentiveness usage because of its heavy features that kills a speedy experience. However, this is non an enormous number because if yous have got a high lineament smartphone amongst bulks of RAM hence yous tin terminate easily navigate but for those who have got dumpy phones would 1 time to a greater extent than in addition to 1 time to a greater extent than have an annoying message that “Your Web Browser Memory is Full” or “Clean upward the Memory”.

4. Read More Funcionality Failure:

Another cardinal lapse nosotros institute inwards the Dynamic views subject that literally changed our views close this theme. While nosotros were browning it from a mobile, nosotros institute that it was non opening the entire postal service correctly instead it keeps on reloading the same page. For Instance, a visitor arrived on your website through a smartphone but on pressing Read to a greater extent than push the page started to charge in addition to keeps on loading till he abandon your site.

5. Takes a While to Get Load:

Due to the depression Google Speed Score Dynamic views template lacks a lot inwards damage of Speed. H5N1 User utilize mobile devices inwards club to larn rapid results inwards seconds, but Dynamic views takes almost xxx seconds to charge on a mobile amongst 1MB Wi-Fi connection, hence yous tin terminate imagine how long it volition choose on a sluggish cyberspace connections. How yous tin terminate await person to stick to your website fifty-fifty if yous are non providing them amongst boundless experience, peculiarly inwards damage of speed.

From The Editor’s Desk:
Since, nosotros have got reached the 21st century the era know for evolution inwards data technology .it’s meaning for every spider web possessor to practise a responsive mobile friendly website. We are non betoken mistakes inwards Dynamic views for our ain practise goodness because it volition practise awareness to attempt things earlier implementing. We promise that Google volition take the tiddler bugs from this gorgeous subject till hence peace, blessings in addition to happy mobilizing. 

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