All Home Page Links Missing From Google Webmaster Tools

On fifth February, numerous rumors as well as concerns were buzzing around inwards the blogosphere over the number of links existence reported inside the “Link to Your Site” department inwards Google webmaster tool. Some of the webmasters were claiming that they convey seen 80% decreases inwards their number of backlinks inside the “Link to Your Site” Section.
Most of the webmasters claimed that their all backlinks are correct inwards their places, but were pretty much stressed out Why Google Webmaster tool is non displaying them. Bloggers did lots of discussions on diverse forums that including the Google Webmaster forum.

One Webmaster Said that,

What is happening, Why my links are vanished. Even i am non using whatever disavow link tool. Yet, my backlinks are disappearing from webmaster tool. Quite astonishing. 

On a serious note, in that location is no necessitate to freak out or lose your calm because it is but a fluctuation that is causing the whole issue. There is no necessitate to worry because few of the websites nether our network are also witnessing the same fluctuation. 
It seems equally if Google has stopped displaying those backlinks which are pointing to your homepage. Since, most of the backlinks are pointing to the homepage. Now, if Google stops reporting those backlinks, as well as hence your link count may drib significantly. When y’all volition login into your Google Webmaster trace concern human relationship as well as selects “Link to Your Site”, as well as nether “You Linked Content” y’all volition detect that in that location is no homepage. This is something weird?
After the all the buzzes Google’s employee, “John Mueller finally” replied inwards a Thread that it powerfulness travel a displaying bug, but he is non certain nigh it. Need to confirm. He Wrote: 

Thanks for the report, Anne (and thank y’all for escalating, Stevie!). This looks similar an trial amongst how the information is displayed inwards Webmaster Tools, it shouldn’t touching your site’s crawling, indexing or ranking. I don’t convey whatever specifics at the moment, but the squad is looking into the details to encounter what nosotros tin give notice produce here. Thanks for your patience & poor for the confusion!

I am non satisfied amongst the justification that John has given higher upwards because they run a large scheme as well as they should know what the existent occupation is. I Hope they volition response it sooner because it seems similar a bug, non a feature. On the other hand, Bloggers should hold their calm because bots volition crawl your site is similar fashion equally they piece of work to produce inwards the past.