Blogger Releases New in addition to Improved Official Mobile Apps

Inspiring ideas for a novel post tin come about at anytime, anywhere as well as whatever place. What would come about if a individual is working inwards his office, sitting on his couch, doing shopping or fifty-fifty playing games as well as of a precipitous he got a miraculous thought for his novel post? Luckily, nosotros convey the power of mobile devices that enable a blogger to rest connected amongst his site. Keeping that inwards mind, Google developers convey launched a much awaited update to their Mobile Apps for both Android as well as IOS. Everyone was anxiously waiting for an update because the previous versions of the applications were unable to amuse the blogger users. Today inwards this article, nosotros volition live on reviewing Blogger’s Official App for mobile users. 

The previous version of Blogger’s Official Mobile App had lots of Bugs, due to which lots of webmasters refused to exercise the official App as well as started to utilize unofficial Blogger Apps that were pretty responsive as well as user friendly. However, an update has given a novel alive to this Mobile Application. It is far healthier than the other unofficial apps; it has elegant interface as well as much to a greater extent than thrilling features that are beyond the description. According to Blogger Team, “This update volition brand stuffs lot easier for users to practise as well as share. 
It supports both Landscape as well as vertical display thus a individual tin adapt it according to his wishing needs. We tested this application on Android 2.3 amongst 1 Giga Processor as well as 256 of MB Ram, surprisingly the results are incredible. While navigation from Landscape to vertical display, nosotros didn’t discovery whatever lumpy sense fifty-fifty though nosotros were using a pretty depression Android Mobile Device inwards price of Memory. Just aspect at the next Landscape screenshot of Homepage that nosotros captured spell reviewing this application. 
It has a novel Google+ Share post push clitoris that helps a individual to part his novel articles on Google Plus. Furthermore, forthwith this application supports to a greater extent than than thirty international languages, thus the linguistic communication barrier is no to a greater extent than an excuse. It also supports iPad as well as Android Tablets. It has unlimited features that can’t live on described inwards words. 

Problem amongst Blogger’s Official Mobile Apps:

The latest version of Blogger’s official App has lots of positives. On the other hand, it also has piddling negativity. The “Compose New Post” or “Post Editor” tool is non according to the expectation. It displays the text inwards a cast of HTML thus those who are non conk pump coder would live on unable to conduct keep its interface. Consider the next screenshot which tells the whole story. In the screenshot, nosotros tin easily sight that it didn’t convey an HTML friendly composure menu. Coding is all over the house which is extremely annoying. 
Download From: Play Store or App Store

From The Editor’s Desk:

When nosotros choice upward the tidings that Blogger Mobile App is modernized our squad decided to give it a try. We catch our Android Smartphone, as well as started to examination its features as well as functionalities. First, nosotros thought it would live on consummate garbage, but this application proves us wrong. Truly, it is a must-have Mobile Application for Blogger Users. What are your thoughts near this Application? Does it come across your expectation? Take a lot tending of yourself till then, Peace, Blessings as well as happy mobilizing.