Does Google Panda #22 Update is nether Progress?

Not Even 10 days own got passed since the Last Panda 21 Update, but nevertheless at that spot are lots of rumors going approximately inwards the blogosphere almost the Panda 22th Update. Last Fri on 16th of November, Lots of chatters started a give-and-take almost some other Panda Update. At that time, nosotros ignored it because the algorithm was simply refreshed few days back. However, today land nosotros were checking our Traffic statistics, it was pretty fascinating because nosotros saw a pregnant increment inwards our organic traffic on the same Date (16, November) when the give-and-take almost the New Algorithm update took place. Today inwards this article, nosotros volition convey a await at few evidences in addition to volition also hash out to a greater extent than on this unconfirmed Algorithm update.

To live honest, nosotros are nevertheless scrambled whether it is a Panda, Penguin, EMD, Page Layout or whatsoever other novel algorithm refresh because the evidence are on the lesser side. Even the Mozcast doesn’t present a pregnant lift, but SERP Metrics does betoken a slight elevator inwards the Google Organic Traffic. Take a await at the Following Screenshot to clear your concepts. 
The increment inwards our Traffic was non excessive, but it was moderate. First, nosotros were speechless to run across an increment inwards Traffic on Fri because on weekends people pass much lesser fourth dimension on the internet. Fortunately, nosotros saw a 20% increase inwards our Traffic. Look at the next screenshot that is taken though Google Analytics.

It’s clear that Google has rolled an algorithm refresh, but nosotros are pretty certain that it is non a initiatory off update. If it is a Panda refresh, thus inwards less than 2 weeks nosotros own got witnessed 2 algorithm refreshments. We own got tried to contact Google in addition to volition update yous when nosotros teach whatsoever updates from them.

Google Won’t Confirm Weekend Update But Says Panda Coming Soon:

Google has non officially confirmed that Panda #22 is updated, nor it is whatsoever other variety of algorithm update. Google didn’t convey that it is an update yesteryear giving their park comment. Consider the next quotation nosotros got from Google.

We brand over 500 improvements to Google Search each twelvemonth thus nosotros tin surface high-quality data for our users.

However, it is clear that Google volition before long ringlet out a novel Panda Algorithm update. Google said that Panda update volition live come about inside seven to 10 days solely if things went according to the plan. 

From the Editor’s Desk:

Well, those days are non hither when a webmaster could slumber fearlessly. Nowadays, nosotros are inwards the era of search engine dictatorship which is led yesteryear ane in addition to solely Google. Keeping our figures cross because that’s all nosotros tin do. Concentrate on curating highly professional person content because it is the solely agency yesteryear which a individual tin hold out from whatsoever variety of algorithm refreshment. What are your thoughts almost this Algorithm refreshment? Any guesses whether it is Panda, Penguin, EMD, Page Layout or whatsoever other update? Don’t forget to exit your views though Comments. Take a lot assist till then, Peace, Blessings in addition to Happy updating.