Does Google Panda #25 Algorithm Update is Coming Today?

There are roughly early on reports that Google Panda Update #25 is nether progress. An ongoing thread at WebmasterWorld has roughly bunch of webmasters who are witnessing a precipitous growth inwards Google Bot’s crawling activity. On the other hand, roughly chatter is every bit good complaining nearly roughly early on fluctuation inwards the Search engine ranking.
About xxx days dorsum nosotros witnessed the Previous Google Panda update #24. There are roughly possibilities, together with nosotros are assuming that Google Panda update mightiness convey house either today or tomorrow. They gyre out changes inwards Algorithm every month, thus the timing is pretty much perfect for a novel update. 

Normally, Google confirms nearly the updates that is taking place. However, to a greater extent than frequently they decline to conduct keep the refresh inwards their algorithm. In the final update, they did a lot of drama past times start not accepting the refresh together with presently afterwards that confirming the update. 
We checked our Traffic statistics, together with thus far nosotros did non honour whatever fluctuation or downfall inwards the traffic. However, Mozcast every bit good every bit is showing roughly meaning activity. On the other hand, SERPMetrics is non showing whatever meaning changes inwards the crawling rate. Check out the next screenshot that shows tyke fluctuations inwards the SERPs.

Is a Panda update is nearly to striking us? In my option, the chances are high that nosotros would witness the refresh sooner, in all likelihood this night or tomorrow. However, Google tin confirm that. I promise this fourth dimension they volition non cash inwards one’s chips along their dramatic approach together with would hold upwards to a greater extent than polite piece refreshing their algorithm. 
Anyone is seeing fluctuation or downfall inwards their Traffic? Suddenly y’all are witnessing a drib inwards your SERP Ranking? If yep then, produce non forget to larn out your even out below inwards the comments. We would get to assistance y’all amongst productive ways of recovering from the downfall. 
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