Does High Bounce Rate is Bad for Website’s Credibility?

Do you lot nevertheless yell upwards High Bounce rate websites convey no future? If yes, as well as then yell upwards i to a greater extent than time. This is i of the biggest myths created yesteryear immature homo Pro Bloggers to waste matter Newbies talent as well as fourth dimension inward uneventful activities. Bounce rates could impact your credibility entirely if the average see duration is on a lower side. Other than that, having a website alongside High Bounce charge per unit of measurement has no impairment whatsoever. However, few people catch it equally a deadly deed for SEO, but it has zero to create alongside Search Engine Optimization.  This is the reason, why today nosotros volition live on replying to a i thou one thousand dollar inquiry that Whether a Blogger Should Worry nearly a High Bounce Rate website or not?

What Does the Term “High Bounce Rate” Stands For?

Before nosotros acquire further, as well as things acquire to a greater extent than tensed permit us showtime clear what does high Bounce Rate Means. Well, it is extremely straightforward to empathize the pregnant of bounce rate. It’s a percent of visitors who arrived at a website, as well as left it without navigating or visiting a 2d page. The principal thought behind designing Bounce Rate was to banking concern tally whether a mortal is receiving right audience. Let us amount upwards the pregnant of Bounce Rate, I Came, I larn as well as Left

What is High Average Duration Time of Visitors?

It is non extremely hard term people tin plow over the sack empathize it quite easily. It is the percent of fourth dimension that all visitors pass on a website earlier leaving or navigating to unlike pages. For Example, 100 visitors arrived on a website few people pass 10 minutes spell few pass v minutes thence the average duration of the see would live on inward betwixt 10 as well as v which is quite impressive.    

High Bounce Rate VS High Average Duration Time of Visitors:

To clear the concept permit us showtime catch i example. Consider a visitor arrived on a website through a search engine. He enjoyed each as well as every give-and-take of the article because he was looking for the same article from hours.  However, inward the halt he left the website without navigating to other page. The argue behind non visiting whatever other page was that, he got what he was looking for thence why he should waste matter to a greater extent than of his fourth dimension inward going through a website inward depth. After going through the facts, many webmasters nevertheless has the audacity to disagree. However, everyone has their ain sentiment but, equally e’er facts are facts. Consider the next screenshot inward which nosotros tin plow over the sack clearly encounter that a website has a high Bounce charge per unit of measurement but the average duration of a see is superb. (The next screenshot is captured from Google Analytics). 

It agency High Bounce charge per unit of measurement has zero to create alongside the website’s credibility or authority. Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on the Average Visit Duration rather than wasting fourth dimension inward dividing i article into unlike pages for the sake of reducing bounce rate. Readers loathe to navigate unlike pages to read i article. 

From The Editor’s Desk: 

The Bounce charge per unit of measurement of this MBL Blog is also on a flake higher side, but the Average Duration is also perfect. So keeping residual inward betwixt both the elements is important as well as volition create goodness a website. If your site is performing well, but the bounce charge per unit of measurement is likewise high, as well as then create non worry merely concentrate on edifice professional content. What are your thoughts nearly the High Bounce Rate? Take a lot help till then, Peace, Blessings as well as Happy blogging.