Google Algorithm Updates: Should You Really Panic?

Since, a distich of months dorsum y’all mightiness convey heard too read on unlike blogs nearly the Google Algorithm Updates such equally Panda, Penguin, EMD and the latest i Above the Fold Page Layout Algorithm (Will explicate nearly this Update later). Most webmasters asking Google to reconsider their website for manual spam or they depend on the solutions that tin aid them to recover from the Algorithm Updates. However, this article mightiness bear witness out to live on a shocker for y’all equally this postal service is totally unlike from others. Today nosotros volition answer a i grand one thousand dollar interrogation that, a Blogger should panic on these Algorithm Updates? Well our answer to this interrogation is a NO! Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 blogger should non panic on these Updates. Shocked, allow me explain.

Four Pillars of Blogging

We convey a argue for what nosotros said above. You all are good aware of the fact that, without pillars, a edifice tin never stand. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 edifice final for years if its pillars are rigid but if they are weak, too thus fifty-fifty a pocket-size accident tin destroy the entire building. Same is the illustration amongst Blogging. For me, a spider web log stands on 4 pillars. These 4 pillars are:

1- Curating Gorgeous Content: 

No doubt, content is the Master Key to a blog’s success. For a successful blog, your content should live on real, unique too fresh (up-to-date). If your content is weak or copied, too thus y’all cannot larn the glory that y’all are expecting. Bloggers are even thus inwards doldrums inwards price of their content. They inquire from others whether their site is producing highly professional person content, too that is wrong. The soul who writes an article has all cognition to charge per unit of measurement it either of high lineament or depression quality. Therefore, if y’all believe inwards your abilities of producing glorious content too thus choke on on repeating the same technique.

2- Keywords Counts More than Anything: 

With rich contents, y’all demand decent keywords too. Strong too effective keywords play a gigantic role inwards a blog’s success. Remember, USA too America convey the same important for humans but these 2 words are alone unlike from Search Engines. However, don’t overload your content amongst numberless targeted keywords choke on it straightforward because users don’t search for also complicated keywords.

3- Spotless Theme (Template): 

First impression is the final impression. If the presentation of your spider web log is non upwards to the grade then, users volition hesitate to view that blog. For a successful blog, a decent fashionable too attractive theme is must. Similarly, a bride inwards a Bridal wearing clothing looks to a greater extent than beautiful than an ordinary dress. Therefore, it is essential for every blogger to wearing clothing upwards their subject inwards an appropriate manner. Now days, nosotros convey the ability of CSS too JavaScript to blueprint simply about boundless themes too templates.

4- User Satisfaction: 

It is the most important pillar of blogging. If your get-go three pillars are rigid then, y’all tin larn lots of traffic but non user satisfaction. Sometimes your personal pick differs amongst the bulk of others. In the professional person field, y’all convey to choke on your personal interests aside to satisfy your users. Try to interact amongst your readers brand them happy too bask the irresistible traffic.


After next these 4 pillars of blogging, believe it or non y’all don’t convey to aid much nearly the algorithm updates. Instead of focusing on Algorithm Updates, concentrate on making your pillars stronger too deeper. If y’all volition brand your pillars rigid then, Google volition non fifty-fifty yell upwards of harming you. Make your pillars rigid thus that your spider web log becomes a demand of Google. Quality is never rejected inwards whatever case! However, if y’all neglect to brand your pillars rigid too thus forget nearly the Algorithm Updates, y’all tin live on penalized fifty-fifty amongst a pocket-size blow!

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