Google Authorship Disappearing From Search Results

During few days, nosotros were closely watching Google Authorships piece of cake getting removed from several blogs. First, nosotros idea that it mightiness live on a põrnikas or something. However, today nosotros come upwards across a devastating fact that Google has removed Verified Authorships non only from Low Quality blogs, but some highly professional person blogs are also affected. It agency Google is preparing something that could either wound bloggers from travel past times to bottom or could easily plough the tables towards them. We are all the same non certain whether Google is updating their publisher system, or at that topographic point is whatever other argue behind it. Nonetheless, it is pretty much clear that it may slightly decrease your traffic because Google Verified authorship was your ticket to instruct featured on Search engine gratis of cost. (Our Authorship is also disabled)

From few days, nosotros were receiving the best traffic superlative of our whole month. First nosotros thought. It is due to the dorsum to dorsum Panda too EMD algorithm updates, which is quite logical. However, the foreign matter is that later our Authorship got removed our visitors started multiple to a greater extent than chop-chop similar a sports motorcar which made us to a greater extent than curious. Following screenshot shows that how much traffic has increased during the absence of Google authorship. 

Then, nosotros tried to utilize Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool (Rich Snippet Tool) to notice whether at that topographic point is whatever employment alongside the website or it’s a bug, too fortunately each too every URL was film perfect it was showing the associated Author Image along alongside Linked publisher Profiles. Following screenshot shows that at that topographic point is no mistake inwards Rich Snippet Tool, but all the same they are non showing verified authorship inwards Google search engine.
Another weird matter nosotros noticed was that the Authorship was non only removed from every unmarried page. For Example, our “About us” Page all the same triggers the Verified authorship thence this is the confirmation that technically everything clean. Still it appears to live on a mystery that why Google is doing all these kinds of experiments on well-established blogs. We convey checked many blogs out of which lxxx per centum don’t convey Authorship whatever more.
Since, Google is updating its Author tool thence that could live on the argue why lots of weblog convey lost their verified authorships. While on the other hand, the introduction of dissimilar kinds of attribution i.e. Rel=”Author”, Rel=”Publisher” too Rel=”me” could live on the biggest argue behind the removal of verified writer reach from Google search engine.

This doesn’t hateful that your site is also having the salve problem. However, for your satisfaction cheque whether yous all the same are a Google Verified publisher. Simply search dissimilar pages of your website inwards search engine to cheque whether the publisher Image Thumbnail is appearing beside your website. Moreover, yous tin forcefulness out also utilize the Rich Snippet tool to brand certain that technically everything is audio too working perfectly.

From The Editor’s Desk:

Still nosotros are neither confirming nor declining that at that topographic point is nil fishy going some inwards Google department. They published ii firstly algorithm updates inwards a week, too similar a shot all of a abrupt Authorship gets disappeared from the search engine. Coming day’s volition for certain going to say what was the existent lawsuit behind it. We volition proceed yous updated through the latest updates nigh it till too then peace, blessings too happy Googling.