Google Declines to Accept The 2013 Update: Says No Panda

H5N1 few days ago, nosotros reported minor signs of Google Algorithm update, but things got settled inwards few moments. However, yesterday nosotros in i lawsuit again witnessed some gigantic signs of an update. The Webmasters got a combat excited together with started a novel give-and-take at Webmaster forum. This fourth dimension the unloosen energy was at its summit because lots of webmasters were confident most the update. The Update word was together with thus busy that fifty-fifty lots of people started to tweet the word on Twitter.
Yesterday Syed Faizan Ali Posted on his Facebook Wall most the signs of Google Algorithm update together with believe us those signs were pretty much clear. That’s what Syed Said:
H5N1 Google Algorithm Update is nether Progress. I Think. Believe me it is a inaugural one. Lots of webmasters are witnessing fluctuations inwards their SERPs
I Guess Google Again started to Love me, ♥ Alhamdulillah.
What most you?
P.S: There is no official confirmation most the update. Let’s aspect together with come across what’s happens.
Everyone would live on shattered to listen that Google has officially declined that at that topographic point was neither Panda nor whatsoever other form of Algorithm update. Google has informed that at that topographic point was no Update. Here is their comment. 
It is non Panda. We asked to a greater extent than or less a petty combat together with did non uncover whatsoever other probable suspects, but recall that Google launches over 500 algorithmic changes per year, together with thus at that topographic point are ever little changes rolling out.
It’s non the root fourth dimension when Google has declined from confirming the update. What would live on the argue of hiding Algo changes from the webmasters? I approximate they are inventing some to a greater extent than deadly animals to wound the webmasters amongst to a greater extent than penalization. None the less, those bloggers who had their pump inwards their oral fissure would live on relieved. 
Now exclusively the fourth dimension would tell that whether Google was maxim the truth, or they are hiding something from the webmasters. Since, Mozcast, together with SERPmetrics possess got non updated their graph. Therefore, nosotros cannot tell struggle to a greater extent than until nosotros possess got the bear witness most it. 
Believe it or not, at that topographic point was no Algorithm update. This means, Party is over guys larn dorsum to operate together with get concentrating on your content. Try to railroad train to a greater extent than professional person content together with travail to avoid content plagiarism.  

From the Editor’s Desk:

I tin feel that lots of bloggers would live on relieved because they are ever afraid of Algorithm updates. If this fourth dimension Google has declined to possess got most the algorithm update. However, believe it or non inside few weeks they volition whorl out some kid changes inwards their algorithm together with would label it equally an update. That’s how they ever do. What are your thoughts most this Statement of Google? Feel gratis to larn out your comments.