Google Emailing Authorship Confirmations To Bloggers

Did y’all have an electronic mail from Google officials inwards which they are welcoming y’all inwards their Authorship Program? H5N1 few weeks ago, many Bloggers in addition to guest writers who accept successfully integrated the Google authorship program on their website received an electronic mail from Google officials, welcoming them into their authorship program. However, many other verified authors are yet guessing why they haven’t received an electronic mail for their authorship activation. This affair has created an enormous Buzz alongside those authors in addition to bloggers who were expecting to larn this for sure notification. However, many writers accept ignored this serious issue. If y’all are getting confused most the Google authorship electronic mail confirmation, therefore today nosotros volition survive removing all the doubts that are boggling inwards your minds.

Why You Didn’t Receive Google Authorship Confirmation Email?

Recently, ane of our writers received an Email regarding the Google authorship activation. Firstly, nosotros considered it every bit a pregnant thing, but therefore nosotros realize that this mightiness survive a novel strategy of Google to remind people that Google+ is a socializing website. However, later on collecting to a greater extent than or less factual evidences nosotros came across the determination that it’s non necessary that everyone volition have this for sure email. We are yet investigating that what is the criteria of it. According to our views, this volition non brand an enormous departure whether y’all have an electronic mail or non because it is but a welcoming notification. Here, is the re-create of the electronic mail which nosotros got from Google.
Sometime when y’all search a pop personality on Google y’all mightiness larn especial data most that personality at the correct side of your screen. We accept likewise attached a screenshot below which volition assistance y’all inwards understanding.
Now y’all volition survive thinking why nosotros are mentioning this slice of shit, but this affair has a connector with our authorship. With the assistance of your Google+ Details, nosotros tin hand notice likewise encounter our self inwards the search results, but similar a well-known personality. Though, this business office is yet nether consideration. Therefore, alone y’all tin hand notice encounter yourself inwards the search results. The next screenshots explains everything quite easily.
Now y’all volition survive thinking how y’all tin hand notice access the same page that nosotros accept presented above. You tin hand notice access the higher upward page yesteryear the Following URL. Faizan Ali&tbs=ppl_ids:–106374439082237286396-,ppl_aut:1

  • Make for sure y’all produce next Changes “Replace “Syed Faizan Ali” with your Google summation Name 
  • Replace “106374439082237286396” with your Google Plus number id. You tin hand notice discovery that id at the cease of your G+ Profile URL (
  • Remember: Only y’all tin hand notice access this page yesteryear logging into your Google+ Account)
Things are Getting to hot upward with the Google making lots of changes inwards their ranking system. This mightiness survive the kickoff of novel Authorship era where y’all accept to railroad train a spotless reputation to larn into the elevation 10 results. Google is doing something dissimilar that’s the principal affair every bit a webmasters perspective. If y’all are unable to encounter yourself on the Google search engine, therefore don’t survive dishearten in that location is e’er a side yesteryear side time. What is your persuasion most the changes? Will this survive the end of Search engine optimization? Feel costless to part your views.