Google Panda 3.9 Algorithm Update (July 24th, 2012)

Few weeks agone at that topographic point were some rumors going roughly nigh Google Panda 3.9 Algorithm update which was denied yesteryear Google officials. For that reason, lots of Bloggers in addition to webmasters were blissed because they idea that, they convey survived a consummate calendar month without noticing whatever alter inwards the Algorithm. On the other hand, Google has only updated their algorithm in addition to named it to “Panda 3.9 Update” which affected 1% search queries. If nosotros compare the previous Google Panda 3.8 update amongst the right 3.9 Algorithm alter the departure are quite clear that the electrical flow update is non threatening. To larn to a greater extent than nigh Google Panda 3.9 depository fiscal establishment jibe the next information.

This fourth dimension according to the Google “Panda started to ringlet out tonight, 1% changes noticed inwards the search terms”, which is non devastating in addition to then the First always Panda Update launched inwards early on Feb 2011 which affected 11.3% Search terms. The update is neither a fry 1 nor that much threatening it is pretty much even-steven.
If your niche is non blogging, in addition to then you lot may convey non noticed whatever alter inwards your Traffic because Publishers are concentrating to a greater extent than on their content instead of wasting their fourth dimension inwards Black Hat or uneventful stuff. This is the argue why nosotros are non witnessing a large modification inwards the updates, if nosotros depository fiscal establishment jibe the recent three Panda in addition to Penguin updates both are non fifty-fifty to a greater extent than in addition to then 2%.
  • Panda 3.9 on July 24th affected 1% Search Terms (Current).
  • Panda 3.8 on June 25th affected 1% Search Terms.
  • Panda 3.7 on June 9th affected 1% queries inwards U.S. of A. piece less than 1% worldwide.
  • Panda 3.6 on Apr 27th
  • Panda 3.5 on Apr 19th
  • Panda 3.4 on March 23rd
  • Panda 3.3 on nigh Feb 26th
  • Panda 3.2 on nigh Jan 15th
  • Panda 3.1 on Nov 18th
  • Panda 2.5.3 on Oct 19/20th
  • Panda 2.5.2 on Oct 13th
  • Panda 2.5.1 on Oct 9th
  • Panda 2.5 on September 28th
  • Panda 2.4 inwards August
  • Panda 2.3 on roughly July 22nd
  • Panda 2.2 on June 18th
  • Panda 2.1 on May 9th
  • Panda 2.0 on Apr 11th
  • Panda 1.0 on Feb 24th

Brief History of Google Panda in addition to Penguin Update:

Google rolled out commencement every Panda update inwards Feb the master copy aim of this algorithm alter was to eliminating those websites which are copying others content. Till appointment (26-June-2012) Google has updated Panda 19th times, which shows that this update has provided quite prominent results.

Google Penguin update was officially free to cope against the spammed websites (those sites which are promoting fake methods to manipulate their ranking inwards search engine). Penguin is nevertheless a newly born baby, in addition to has non used many times yesteryear Google.
What’s Next?
Google has improved a lot inwards ranking the character website towards the acme of their search engine. We bloggers should manage Google yesteryear working on our content (Remember to write for your users instead of writing it for search engines). If you lot require whatever manage experience gratis to enquire till in addition to then peace, blessings in addition to happy updating.