Google Rich Snippet Tool Showing Error Service is currently unavailable

While testing your site inwards Google’s Rich Snippet Tool, are you lot facing whatever weird errors like, “We are sorry. The service you lot requested is currently unavailable. Please attempt 1 time again later”? The website which was working perfectly few hours ago, why it has of a abrupt stopped working inwards Rich Snippet Tools? All these questions may come upwards into your hear when you lot would examination your site amongst Google’s novel Structured Data Testing Tool. It is non necessary that each together with every 1 would witness this error, but quite a few Bloggers are observing this bug. 

Yesterday, spell nosotros were doing unopen to testing on our dissimilar websites nosotros came across this bug. While testing our sites inwards Rich Snippet tool it was giving weird errors that, “Service is unavailable, Try 1 time again later”. It was pretty frustrating together with confusing. We did lots of enquiry on it but did non honour anything suitable. 
After a long together with struggling enquiry work, nosotros in conclusion came to know that this mistake solely appears when the Google squad is updating the database of your site. It was quite relaxing, but how much fourth dimension it would lead keep to update? It took almost to a greater extent than than 24 hours to operate together with therefore it started to display all the rich snippets details. If you lot mightiness confront similar kind of mistake then, in that place is no postulate to larn worried because it is a temporary glitch inwards Google’s database.  

However, the solely affair of draw is that, spell getting this mistake you lot in all likelihood witness that your newly issue article volition non larn indexed until or unless you lot index them through Google Webmaster tools. Since, information update is nether process. Therefore, Google bots create non bother to index your novel pages. They volition larn out on on crawling your whole website, but would never display its details on the search results until the database update is completed.
If anyone has faced a similar error, together with so the comment box is all yours experience gratis to leave of absence your experience close it.