How to Backup All Blogger Blogs at Once Through Google Takeout

The finest protection against whatever variety of safety threat is to get got a consummate up-to-date backup of your site.  Taking backups on a daily footing is the exclusively habit that a Blogger/Webmaster must have.  If your site is massive inwards size in addition to then you lot tin accept backups may move weekly or biweekly, but if your site is relatively small-scale in addition to then taking the information of your site on a daily footing would non impairment you. This does non hateful that Blogger is unsafe. All nosotros are suggesting is that, your spider web log is hosted at Google servers, hence you lot are non the exclusively administrator of your site. If somehow, Google deleted your site in all likelihood due to their damage in addition to policy violation then, what would you lot do? You would move left empty handed. However, if you lot get got a consummate up-to-date dorsum upwardly of your site then, things mightiness move plough around.

Since, is a gratuitous to purpose service past times Google. Therefore, people oftentimes create equally good many blogs nether the same account. This makes hell lot hard for you lot to manually accept backups of each in addition to every site separately. Doing the same affair over again in addition to over again mightiness annoy us all. Fortunately, every occupation has its solution in addition to thank you lot to Google Takeout that helps us to download the backup of all blogs nether a for certain Blogger account. In this article, nosotros volition exhibit you lot How to Backup Data of Your All Blogger Blog amongst only i Click. 
First become to in addition to Login to your Google or Gmail Account. After logging inwards to your account, it volition accept you lot to a novel page hither you lot volition come across a listing of services that you lot get got used through your Google account. 
From the listing select of services select “Blogger” in addition to it volition accept you lot to a novel page which would derive the information of your site from your occupation concern human relationship in addition to would also calculate its total size.
Once its finishes the calculation, Select the “Create Archive” push at the bottom of the page in addition to choke along to the side past times side step. (Remember: you lot tin also dorsum upwardly a unmarried site past times using the configuration tab). 
Now, a novel sorcerer would accept place, it volition over again calculate the engagement of your all blogs in addition to would generate a Database for you lot hence you lot tin download it amongst only i time click. Usually it takes few seconds to consummate but if the size in addition to the numbers of your blogs are to a greater extent than massive than it would accept a piece to generate. 
Once the progress bar reaches 100 you lot tin press the Download push to download the whole database of your all blogs. (The finest affair near this service is that it compresses the information tremendously that a 1GB file reduces to only 300MB).
After downloading the database successfully, you lot tin unpack the files which would let on the backups of your all blogs arranged inwards an alphabetical order. Seems like, mission accomplished! 
Now you lot tin dorsum upwardly your all blogger sites inside few clicks. On the tiptop of that, the database is highly compressed, hence it would accept much lesser fourth dimension to download. If you lot liked this article, in addition to then practise portion it on Facebook, Twitter in addition to etc.