How to Backup Your Blogger Posts together with Comments Manually

Being a blogger user, in that place is no assurance that your weblog is condom from removal, that’s the toll of using the platform for free. Since, your site is hosted at Google servers. Therefore, if your site does non comply alongside their Terms as well as services they volition delete your site without fifty-fifty giving a instant chance.  You may conduct keep heard from many co-Blogger users that their websites are getting vanished overnight. As a Google blogger, in that place is no agency of retrieving your deleted blog. The exclusively affair you lot tin create to protect yourself is to conduct keep a backup of your site. In this Article, nosotros volition present you lot how to conduct keep backup your Blogger Blog.

Probably this is the toll of using this platform for free. Just imagine the feeling of a mortal who spends days as well as nights inwards putting upward his website, as well as all of a abrupt Google removes his site due to about violation inwards terms. Things cannot larn worse than that. 
How To Backup of Posts, Pages as well as Images?
To Backup your website larn to >> Settings >> Other >> Export your blog. Now a novel window volition appear, but conduct the orangish “Download Blog” push as well as a file volition survive downloaded which would survive inwards “XML” format. That file possesses all the information as well as details nearly your weblog including posts, images, as well as pages. The downloaded file tin survive used on WordPress, or whatever other pop platform.
How to Backup Template?
If anyone is wondering how to conduct keep dorsum upward of their template, thus he tin larn to Blogger >> Template >> Backup/Restore. Now press “Download the total template” push as well as template is successfully backed up. The downloaded file would survive inwards XML format as well as it cannot survive used on whatever other platform except Blogger.
That’s all folks, at ane time your weblog is successfully backed up. In the future, if your site got deleted, thus you lot tin run this dorsum upward as well as tin migrate your whole site to WordPress without fifty-fifty losing a unmarried Search engine ranking. By using 301 permanent redirects, nosotros tin easily redirect all the traffic to the novel self-hosted WordPress site. However, without backup you lot conduct keep to orbit a kicking rootage to your career ane time again.