How To Become a Google Verified Author In Blogger BlogSpot

Sometime fifty-fifty high search ranking fails to attract heaps of potential visitors to read your blog. Most of the Google users type their desired keywords as well as and thence alternative that website which has most prominent title. It is indeed extremely hard to construct your articles expect dissimilar from others inward search results. Nevertheless, Google has upwards its sleeves past times introducing nonetheless to a greater extent than or less other stunning characteristic for Bloggers, Webmasters, as well as fifty-fifty authors. Google has lately introduced Google verified authorship which would somewhat construct your articles dissimilar from others.

Google verified authorship is the ticket to teach featured on SERP (Search Engine Results). By becoming a Google verified author, nosotros tin easily construct ourselves highlighted past times placing our painting present side past times side to each as well as every Link of our website that appears inward search result. If you lot receive got always seen MyBloggerLab articles on Google search engine, as well as thence you lot mightiness receive got seen the painting present of our founder Syed Faizan Ali. In this article, nosotros volition speak over how to teach Google’s Verified Authorship.

Reason why you lot require to hold out a Google Verified Author:

There are unlimited benefits inward becoming Google verified writer thence earlier nosotros teach started alongside our tutorial let’s expect at few reasons.
  • Most of the meshing folks receive got claimed that later becoming verified writer their one-half of traffic increased, as well as nosotros know why that happened (Due to uniqueness).
  • It increases your reliability as well as people are able to recognize you lot equally a branded company.
  • It helps Google search algorithms to grade for sure well-known author’s article move past times of others.
  • Your articles teach a unique outlook which attracts users similar a bee to select your website.

How To Become Google Verified Author:

Unlike other Google Apps this 1 is most straightforward, as well as by as well as large depends on coding thence you lot don’t require to worry almost the steps they indeed uncomplicated. Follow the Following steps to teach out verified author. 

Step#1: Create Google Plus Account as well as Setup Profile:
Setting upwards your Google Plus draw of piece of employment organization human relationship is most pregnant because this would hold out the identify where Google volition snippet your data i.e. Name, painting present as well as identify it to their search results. Setting upwards a Google+ draw of piece of employment organization human relationship is equally tardily equally one, two, as well as 3 thence only logon to if you lot don’t receive got an draw of piece of employment organization human relationship as well as thence register a novel one, Upload your paradigm as well as fill upwards your personal details (You require Gmail inward lodge to register Google+ account).

Step#2: Link Your Google Plus Profile to your Blog or Author Page:
Now you lot require to verify that you lot are the original Blog holder, thence you lot require to connect your Google Plus draw of piece of employment organization human relationship to your Website. Just add together the Following links inward your Blogger BlogSpot Blog, you lot tin add together them inward About the Author page or inward the footer whatsoever identify which is suitable for you.

 1. First add together the next code to your Header or footer whatsoever identify you lot like.

<a href=”Google_Plus_Link” rel=”author” target=”_blank”> Join me on Google+</a>

Here  rel=”author” attribution would betoken bots that this Google Plus profile is the original author of this blog.Don’t forget to replace Google_Plus_Link alongside your Google+ profile URL i.e.

 2. Now practice an About Us Page, as well as link it inward your website navigation similar nosotros receive got done inward our header but you lot tin link it anywhere you lot like. (Please usage the next code to link your About Us Page).
<a rel=”author” href=” “>About</a>

 3. Now this is the most crucial purpose of the whole process. In your About Us Page construct for sure you lot insert your picture, which is of 128px inward width as well as thence 128px inward height, as well as should hold out inward JPEG paradigm format. Note: Don’t forget to insert the next link inward the outset draw of your About Us Page.
<a rel=”me” href= title=”How To Become a Google Verified Author In Blogger BlogSpot”>Syed Faizan Ali</a>
Here  rel=”me” attribution would farther to a greater extent than betoken to bots that you lot are the verified publisher. 

  • Replace My Google Plus profile link from the inward a higher identify link alongside your Google+ Profile, that you lot wishing to come across inward the search results as well as write your scream instead of  Syed Faizan Ali.

Step#3: Adding Your Links To Google Plus

  • Now teach out to your Google Plus Profile >> as well as press Edit Profile.
  • Then you lot volition hold out able to come across the push which says Links (Press it).
  • Now press “Custom Link” as well as teach out along to side past times side step.
Add Blog URL (Homepage) as well as About U.S.A. Page. You tin fifty-fifty add together Twitter, Facebook or whatsoever other social networking URL that is associated alongside your blog.  

  • Once you lot receive got added all those links press relieve button.
  • Now Log on to
  • Again Press Edit Profile
  • Check the Box “Show this tab on my profile” as well as and thence Press Save button.

Step#4: Uploading Your Image To Google:
Now finally the in conclusion step, hither you lot require to upload your paradigm to Google, but construct for sure it is of move past times lineament because it volition appear inward search engine beside your website. You paradigm volition hold out accepted if you lot conduct 150px past times 150px, but it would hold out delightful if you lot select 125px past times 125px size Display Picture.

Sometime fifty-fifty high search ranking fails to attract heaps of  How To Become a Google Verified Author In Blogger BlogSpot
Once your painting present is completely uploaded Press relieve button

  • Now teach out to your Blogger >> Your About us Page >> Edit.
  • And upload the same paradigm which is beingness used at Google Plus. Now hold off at to the lowest degree for 2 days (depend on your website crawling) as well as your profile painting present would appear perfectly side past times side to your each as well as every website URL inward search results.

Testing!! How Your volition Appear inward Search:

Now inward lodge to verify everything is managed perfectly nosotros volition usage Rich Snippet Tool. Just insert your homepage URL inward the text surface area as well as Press the push which says “Preview”.
If you lot receive got followed each as well as every stride properly as well as thence you lot volition hold out able to come across your Picture, which you lot uploaded on Google Plus as well as the other external profile links i.e. almost us, Twitter as well as etc. You volition also witness a text which says “Verified: Authorship markup is verified for this page”, so you lot are directly officially verified past times Google.

From The Editors Desk:

If you lot receive got whatsoever difficulty inward this tutorial, delight experience complimentary to enquire your question. If you lot wishing bots to crawl your weblog to a greater extent than quickly, as well as thence usage to Ping Google bots (Only for PageRank 1 Blogs as well as Websites).

Alhamdulillah! Google itself verified me (Syed Faizan Ali) equally the official writer of MyBloggerLab thence I receive got non mess upwards inward the middle though nosotros receive got done the changes which nosotros receive got mentioned inward the tutorial. Peace, Blessings as well as Happy Google Authorship.