How To Change Width/Height of Popular Post Thumbnails inwards Blogger

Few days’ a become a user messaged me on Facebook that, he wants to resize Blogger pop postal service thumbnails. This is non the get-go fourth dimension nosotros choose received a asking from our reader, thus nosotros decided to write a detailed tutorial on it. Firstly, nosotros idea that it is non possible but afterward land playing amongst a chip of XML Coding nosotros were able to alter the size of Popular postal service thumbnails. To hold upwards honest, nosotros were surprised to come across that it was thus straightforward to resize Thumbnails. Therefore, today inwards this tutorial nosotros volition hold upwards sharing a i thou m dollar technique through which anyone tin modify the Widget/height of the pop postal service thumbnails inwards blogger.

Why To Increase Width of Popular Post Thumbnails?

As nosotros are good aware of the fact that Blogger is non known for customization, but it has picayune robust functionality that makes it the 2d best Blogging Platform. Changing the Width as well as Height of Popular Post Thumbnail could bring heaps of traffic to your website. For Example, a visitor arrived on your website land navigation through the website he saw LARGE Thumbnails, thus he decided to read it too. It non exclusively reduces the bounce rate, but also increases the duration of the visits. 

How To Adjust Width/Height of Popular Post Thumbnails inwards Blogger?

To hold upwards honest, it is i of the simplest techniques, which nosotros choose always seen. All nosotros choose to practise is to insert the Width or Height inwards the cast of Pixels i.e. Width=”72px”. Before, anyone gets confused permit us jump instantly on to our tutorial. 
  • Go to >> Template.
  • Then select Edit HTML >> Proceed.
  • Now cheque (Tick) the box “Expand the Widget”.
  • For Height: Within the template search for height=’data:thumbnailSize’ and supervene upon  data:thumbnailSize amongst the acme of the thumbnail i.e. 100, 200 as well as etc. Remember don’t add together “px” other wise it wouldn’t piece of employment i.e. 100px, 200px as well as etc.
  • For Width: In the template in i lawsuit to a greater extent than search for width=’data:thumbnailSize’ and replace data:thumbnailSize with the width of the thumbnail such that, 200, 300 as well as etc. Remember don’t add together “px” or it wouldn’t piece of employment properly such that, 200px, 300px and etc.
All Done: After doing all the changes, become a caput as well as relieve the template yesteryear pressing “Save Template” button. Now cheque your weblog as well as it would plow over a picture perfect result.

From the Editor’s Desk: 

We promise this tutorial volition help to increment the traffic of your website. We choose decided to part this form of Small tips as well as tricks so, piece of cake as well as steadily you lot guys could empathise the dynamical coding of Blogger template. What are your thoughts? Give suggestions what you lot desire to come across side yesteryear side on MBL? Take a lot help till thus Peace, Blessings as well as Happy blogging.