How To Create a Customized Mobile Friendly Website For Blogger Blogspot

Blogger BlogSpot blogs are becoming extremely old-fashioned inwards price of designing too optimizing although Blogger does allow you lot to heighten freely inwards your chief website template, but it doesn’t receive got that many features inwards their Mobile Templates. These days everyone prefers to exercise Smartphones, thus it’s getting extremely essential to optimize your website for mobile users. If the ratio of your mobile users is superior to your desktop users, thus you lot receive got to prepare a Mobile responsive template for your Blogger Blog this volition non solely increase your reliability, but your chief mobile audience could accept breath effortlessly amongst your Friendly mobile template. Do you lot withal mean value it is impossible to optimize Blogger BlogSpot Blogs for Mobile users? Then all these clutching questions would move answered when nosotros volition create a Customized Mobile template for our Blogger BlogSpot Blogs.

Analyzing OLD Blogger Mobile Theme Functions:

Before nosotros acquire on amongst our tutorial permit us aspect at our existing Mobile template for our Blogger Blog, inwards the subsequent screenshot, you lot tin easily create upwardly one’s withdraw heed that the excellence is non upwardly to the score too the designing is non according to the expectation. Moreover, it looks piece of cake too lacks the inspiration which is extremely crucial to engage mobile visitors. Blogger has vii built inwards mobile templates but unluckily they are identical to each other, which become far quite useless.

How to Build a Customized Responsive Mobile Website on BlogSpot Blog:

This whole tutorial is extremely straightforward, too would hardly accept xx minutes to blueprint a perfect mobile responsive template for your BlogSpot blog. Moreover, you lot don’t involve to larn HTML, CSS or JavaScript coding to blueprint a Mobile-friendly template for your weblog because nosotros tin grip each too everything amongst the assistance of a platform called GOMO an inaugural of Google.

GoMo past times Google Get Ready To GO MO:

GoMo too DudaMobile receive got come upwardly together to brand your desktop weblog to a greater extent than powerful too mobile-friendly. Do you lot know most 70% mobile users abandon a mobile site solely because of its designing too less responsiveness? Do you lot ain a weblog too desire to create a friendly mobile responsive topic thus you lot receive got come upwardly to the correct house to acquire started.

Step#1 Getting Started:

First become to a website instantly in 1 lawsuit it gets charge scroll downwards too you lot volition move able to meet a painting present which says “CREATE YOUR MOBILE SITE NOW” only pick out it too movement to the side past times side step.

Step#2 Claim your Website:

Then you lot receive got to acquire inwards your website/blog URL thus organisation tin easily abide by the information which is currently hosted at your blog. After entering your consummate URL along amongst http:// press the light-green push clit which says “MAKE MY SITE MOBILE”.

Step#3 Selecting the Type of your Site:

Now the organisation volition automatically abide by whether you lot are running a website or a Blog, though you lot tin alter it anytime you lot like. Go ahead, too according to your involvement pick out either Blog Templates, or Website templates (We personally mean value you lot should pick out Blog Templates because it gives you lot broad arrive at of mobile responsive themes for your blog). 

Step#4 Choosing a Flawless Mobile Theme:

If you lot receive got chosen Blog Templates equally your mobile topic category thus you lot volition witness an enormous listing of themes, instantly you lot tin pick out whatever topic that has the potentials to amuse your mobile readers. Additionally, amongst the assistance of interactive preview you lot tin apply a topic too tin examine how it volition appear to your mobile users.  

To pick out a topic for your mobile-friendly website only double click on whatever template too it volition move applied to your interactive alive preview. The interactive preview allows you lot to evidence your mobile topic straight from your desktop. You tin navigate through dissimilar pages too tin evidence out each too every characteristic from top to bottom.

Now afterward testing out your topic on alive preview it’s fourth dimension to customize the color system of your mobile theme, thus it looks identical to your Desktop version website Press side past times side too movement ahead. 

Step#5: Customizing too Stylizing Your Mobile-Friendly Theme:

Now you lot volition move to witness an entire novel interface from where you lot tin customize your topic from header to footer without whatever hesitancy whatsoever. Just Press the “Full” tab acquaint at the top too you lot volition move able to meet a listing of matter which you lot tin create amongst your mobile topic i.e. Edit Header & Logo, Edit Blog Homepage, Edit Blog Posts Style, Edit Blog Comment Style, Edit Footer too Much more.

  • Edit Header & Logo: When you lot volition pick out “Header & Logo” tool a novel widow volition popular out from where you lot tin customize your header or logo. You tin either exercise Image Logo or tin exercise Text based logo according to your needs.
  • Blog Homepage: If you lot desire to alter your background color or you lot desire your customized background ikon thus you lot tin exercise this tool too tin brand your mobile topic to a greater extent than powerful inwards designing.
  • Blog Post: Using this tool you lot tin alter font size, background color, the color of your chief post heading too much more.
  • Blog Comments: If you lot don’t receive got an interactive commenting organisation your visitors volition never acquire out a comment thus this tool volition allow you lot to customize your comment style. You tin alter color, add together avatar too much more.
  • Footer: As nosotros all know Footer is the house where nosotros give credits to the developer of the website thus you lot tin exercise it for that purpose. However, you lot tin also exercise it to increase your width too summit too much more.
Now After customizing your topic according to your needs become ahead too press Next button too you lot are most done!

Step#6: Register Your Free Account:

Now acquire inwards your electronic mail address along amongst your password to register your Free line of piece of job organisation human relationship too Press Save My Site push clit to movement to the side past times side step.

Step#7: Redirecting Your OLD Mobile Site To New Mobile Friendly Site:

Now you lot volition move provided amongst the link where you lot tin preview your mobile site amongst dissimilar mobile operating organisation i.e. Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile too Blackberry. Now Scroll downwards too you lot volition meet a push clit which says “SETUP MY MOBILE WEBSITE REDIRECT” only press it too movement to the side past times side step.

  • Then Go to >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed
  • Now Search For <head> too only below it glue the code which you lot copied before too thus relieve your Template.
That’s it your Customized mobile template is implemented to your Blogger BlogSpot blog. Now Go too taste playing amongst your mobile website on your Smartphones. 

Now if you lot desire to edit your Mobile Theme you lot tin customize or create whatever changes whatever fourth dimension you lot similar past times signing into your line of piece of job organisation human relationship at

From the Editors Desk:

By implementing same method, you lot tin also create a Mobile Friendly Website for your WordPress blog. By applying this tutorial, your Mobile visitors volition surly accept a breather because they instantly they tin taste first-class mobilized website. Give your suggestions till thus peace, blessings too happy mobilizing.