How to Create Short URLs For Your Blog Using Google Shortener

With the ascent inwards the social media, nosotros are continuously seeing people are giving to a greater extent than significance to branding. The branding starts from the Facebook Cover, personalized twitter background, but that’s non all. While sharing anything on their social profile most of the elevation companies ever prefer pocket-size URLs instead of Long Tail URLs. For example, BuySellads uses “”. If your site is hosted at, hence nosotros accept adept tidings for you. To teach a slim pocket-size URL for your content, at that topographic point is no demand to rely on a Third-party URL shorting services. Fortunately, Google provides a Free-to-use URL shorting service that does the undertaking quite brilliantly. Therefore, today inwards this article, nosotros volition Show How to Create Short URLs for your Blog Posts?

Why to role the Google URL Shortener?

People frequently portion lots of links online. With graphic symbol limits inwards tweets, you lot create non teach plenty room to tell what’s inwards your mind. In this situation, Small URLs provides you lot the room to limited your thoughts inside the same Status update or tweet. Following are the few perks of this service. 

  • Stability: One of the most reliable services amongst nearly 100% uptime.
  • Speed: With high speed Google server, it loads URLS quicker than anyone service (in a few milliseconds).
  • Security: Sends alert together with notifications if URL points to Malware or phishing or spam website.
  • Analytics: Not alone tracks the let on of Clicks on your link but likewise furnish the geographical details or the user.

How to Create Short URLs amongst Google URL Shortener?

First become to together with Login into your Gmail Account, which volition permit you lot to rail the let on of clicks that you lot are getting on a surely URL. Once done, move out on to the side past times side step.
Now only teach into the Post URL or whatsoever other URL inwards the address bar (input box) at the elevation of the page together with press the “Shorten URL” button. On pressing the blueish “Shorten URL” button, a novel window volition slide out, together with it volition furnish you lot a brusque URL somewhat similar Consider the next screenshot.
Your brusque URL is ready, together with it tin reach the sack last used on whatsoever social platforms i.e. Twitter, Facebook, together with etc. to seek whether the URL is working good or not, re-create that Small URL together with glue it into the address bar of your browser together with Hit enter. On pressing enter, you lot volition uncovering that Short URL volition automatically redirect you lot to the Long URL that you lot only shorten few moments a go.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Track Number of Clicks or Visits?
To rail the let on of visits, you lot start accept to login into your Gmail job organisation human relationship which you lot used piece creating a pocket-size URL. After logging in, become to together with on the bottom of the page you lot volition uncovering all the Long URLS which you lot shorten through Google URL Shortener. From the list, choose whatsoever Long URL which you lot desire to Track together with Press “Details” to teach access to the comprehensive tracking Report. It volition non alone Display the let on of visitors but would likewise furnish their other details i.e. Browser, Referring URL, province together with operating system.
How many Short URLs I tin reach the sack Create?
You tin reach the sack generate unlimited Small URLs using Google URL Shortener service. There is no limitation inwards this free-to-use service.