How to Enable a Responsive Mobile Template inward Blogger

By default when someone visits your Blogger site through Smartphones or tablets it automatically displays the total desktop version of your website, instead of showing the mobile responsive template. The total desktop version is non designed for portable devices similar smartphones, iPad too tablets so they consume to a greater extent than memory, too so non only cut down the speed of your site but likewise interrupts user-friendly experience.  Fortunately, Blogger offers or so free-to-use built-in mobile responsive templates that create the project quite brilliantly. Therefore, today inward this article, nosotros volition demo y’all How to Enable Mobile Template inward Blogger.

Why to role Mobile Responsive Template?

Probably your website is getting all of its traffic from mobile devices. In this situation, tracking the operating organisation of your visitors through Google analytics comes handy because if 90% of your audience is access your site through portable devices, too so it is extremely crucial to enable a Mobile template for your site.
On the other hand, if hardly 5% visitors are accessing your site through Mobile devices, too so inward this scenario at that topographic point is no demand to role a responsive template peculiarly for mobile devices because the bulk of users are arriving on your site through desktops. 
The Solution:
Go to >> Template >> Mobile >> Select the bicycle every bit shown inward the screenshot below too it volition accept y’all to a novel page from where y’all would enable the responsive template for mobile users.

Now only select “Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices”. It exclusively depends on a someone what template he wanted to choose. Luckily, Blogger likewise provides a diversity of dissimilar templates. Through the driblet downwards list, y’all tin move select from viii dissimilar templates according to your needs.

After selecting a theme, y’all would sure enough wishing to preview what your visitors would encounter whenever they see your site through their phones. Select the orangish “Preview” push too it volition just display your site every bit y’all are navigation it from portable device.  

After previewing the themes if it satisfies your needs then, larn ahead too press the orangish “Save” push to conclude. Now whenever, visitors volition endeavor to access your site through portable devices i.e. Smartphones or tablets it volition automatically demo them a mobile responsive version of your website. 

What Mobile Users Would See?

Those visitors who larn inward on your weblog through Desktops (PC, laptops, Mac Books too etc) would non detect anything different. The website would operate on to demeanour the agency it used to be. However, those Readers who volition access your site through Smartphones or tablets would encounter a dissimilar view.  Following are the listing of things that would non seem inward the mobile version.

  • There is no Sidebar.
  • It volition non display whatever gadgets.
  • There is no Navigation Menu.
  • On the homepage it volition display Post Title, a Small Thumbnail too Post Summary amongst a read to a greater extent than button. 
  • At the bottom of the page, at that topographic point are few navigation buttons for older/newer posts.
  • In the footer, at that topographic point is a link i.e. “view spider web version” which volition allow mobile users to stance the total desktop version of a website inside their portable devices. However, on reloading the page, it volition revert dorsum to the mobile version.

Frequently Asked Question:

How Should I Test Site inward representative I don’t conduct keep Mobile?
Most of the users don’t conduct keep portable devices similar the iPhone or iPad, so how they volition exam their theme? However, blogger gives them the chance to stance the Mobile template on their Desktops. Just see (Replace mybloggerlab amongst your domain).
IF anyone of y’all is going to role this approach, too so it is pregnant to resize your browser upward to 300px, so it may display the content inward a systematic order. However, for dissimilar size desktop resize the concealment every bit per the needs.

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