How to Insert AdSense Ads Between Your All Posts inward Blogger

Inserting AdSense betwixt your Posts is sure as shooting a tiresome as well as fourth dimension consuming project for a hyperactive blogger. Though, you lot tin easily insert AdSense coding inside the post’s content but what would orbit if inward illustration your AdSense employment organization human relationship gets ban or hijacked? It would hold out a frustrating project to edit your all 2000+ articles amongst novel Ad coding. For that reason, nosotros convey developed a jQuery plugin which would offering a much quicker as well as flexible means to insert Ads units or whatever other Private promotion into your all weblog post.  Therefore, today inward this article, nosotros volition demo you lot how to add together AdSense Ads betwixt Your All Posts inward Blogger?

This jQuery plugin would assistance you lot to add together AdSense advertizing unit of measurement betwixt your all posts. However, inward illustration your employment organization human relationship gets ban, thence you lot tin take away them from your all the posts inside seconds.  It has flexible as well as slow to utilisation options that would assistance you lot to customize your advertizing units i.e. changing the Publisher ID, Ad Slot ID, adjusting the Widget/Height as well as etc.

Why to Insert AdSense betwixt Your All Posts?

Placing AdSense advertizing units simply later on the few paragraphs of your articles would assistance you lot to maximize your earning potentials. Just think, your visitors give well-nigh of their attentions to which chemical ingredient on your blog? It’s non your Header, footer, sidebar non fifty-fifty your commenting box. Visitor alone lands on your website for the sake of reading your content, thence having a little Ad simply betwixt your articles would sure as shooting growth your CTR equally good equally earning percentage. 
People e’er criticize AdSense for non providing them High click through rates. They e’er complain that their earning is fairly lower than their potentials. However, it is due to the lack of optimization. Therefore, it is essential that you lot utilize such spots i.e. betwixt posts that could growth your earning opportunities. 

How To Insert Google AdSense Between All Posts inward Blogger?

At first, nosotros convey to install the jQuery Plugin which would display the advertisements betwixt each as well as every post service no affair whether they are quondam or novel because the plugin plant quite brilliantly. Go to >> Your Site >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Proceed and, inside the coding search for <body> Tag. After finding the <body> tag, simply below it glue the next jQuery Coding. Remember: Do non forget to insert your Publisher ID equally good equally Ad slot ID from the next coding.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == “item”‘>

<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’></script>

<div style=”display: none; float:center;”>
<div id=”MBL-Ads”>
<script type=’text/javascript’>


<script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’></script>



All done: After customizing the Ad code according to your needs simply press the orangish “Save Template” push clit to conclude. 

Congratulations: You have successfully added Adsense inward the middle of your postsNow catch your Blog’s post service pages as well as you lot volition hold out able to encounter Google’s ads units correct inward the middle of your post’s content. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Ads are non appearing betwixt my all Posts?
The whole plugin revolves approximately a little Jquery, thence likely the JavaScript files are conflicting amongst each other. The minute reason, you lot mightiness hold out using a template that has Automatic Post Summery amongst Thumbnail Plugin, that does non require to insert page interruption or jump interruption it automatically creates a summary of your content as well as displays it on the homepage. Since, you lot produce non utilisation the page interruption or jump interruption tool, thence that could hold out the argue why the ads are non displaying properly. The solution to this employment is quite straightforward. Manually add together Page interruption or Jump interruption inward your posts as well as it would start displaying the AdSense advertisements correct later on the jump interruption line.
2. Do I demand to insert Ads unit every time While writing a novel Post?
While writing a novel article, in that place is no demand to insert the advertizing unit of measurement manually because the plugin would automatically display the advertisements inside your article. However, produce non forget to utilisation the Page Break tool otherwise the ads may non appear.
3. Where is Page Break or Jump Break Tool?
The page jump interruption tin hold out accessed from Post Editor. It appears inward the tool bar. We convey attached a screenshot below thence you lot tin easily recognize the Jump Break tool.

4. What to produce alone Blank Spaces are Appearing?
The browser history (cache) is causing the employment simply Press CTRL+F5 to refresh the page or restart your browser as well as everything would start working inward a systematic manner.