How to Mention People inwards your Blogger Posts amongst Google+

After the recent success of Google+ Followers gadget for Blogger, Google is cook to add together notwithstanding or thus other fabulous functionality. If anyone is using Blogger Platform for daily personal or corporate writing, as well as thus they would locomote pleased to run into that it has received a combat to a greater extent than Social handling from Google Plus. This functionality allows a soul to holler whatever Google+ user inside the article. It’s an ideal means of magnetizing quick attention. On the other hand, it volition likewise assistance inward providing context to your content. There is no dubiety that Google is playing all its tricks to dominate the Social Web, as well as Blogger is ideal for their advertisement because it is 1 of the widely used yesteryear tons of Bloggers.

Now you lot tin add together a link to a Google+ profile or page when you lot desire to holler someone inward a post. If you lot as well as thus portion your ship service from Blogger to Google+, nosotros larn inward easier to notify your mentions yesteryear including them inward the sharebox.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 soul tin usage this characteristic when he is writing a ship service inward the Blogger Post Editor. It volition ship notifications to the tagged user. There are no doubts that it would convey to a greater extent than audience to your website, but this does non hateful nosotros should outset tagging unwanted personalities because it would locomote considered every bit Spam. We should accept extra precautions earlier tagging a user inward our articles otherwise nosotros would locomote unable to usage this fantabulous characteristic inward future.

To holler someone, simply type “+” inward the blogger ship service editor as well as and thus write the holler of the Google+ user. For Example, whenever a soul would write + in the blogger ship service editor it would display listing of names or communities that are related to “MyBloggerLab”. We conduct maintain attached a screenshot below thus people tin easily empathise what nosotros are trying to say.
Whenever, users volition hover over the tagged Google+ page or profile it volition display a Small menu amongst to a greater extent than data close the user as well as an “Add to circle” button. Clicking the link would redirect users to Google+ profile or page. We conduct maintain attached a screenshot below thus everyone tin empathise without whatever hassle.


In guild to usage this functionality its must that a soul should connect his Google+ profile amongst Blogger, otherwise he would locomote unable to usage this robust functionality. However, nosotros are trying our best to prepare the script that allows users to utilize this characteristic without connecting to Google Plus. We volition update everyone 1 time it’s done.

From The Editor’s Desk:

We are speechless to run into these novel functionalities. It’s fourth dimension to fasten your seat-belts because the fourth dimension is close when nosotros volition locomote able to integrate Google+ Commenting organization inward Blogger. That would locomote awe-inspiring, peculiarly if it synced amongst comments on the shared ship service to your stream. So, never e’er underestimate Blogger Platform. What are your thoughts close it? Take a lot tending till then, Peace, Blessings as well as Happy Googling.