How To Prevent Blogger Template From Being Copied or Cloned

How To Prevent Blogger Template From Being Copiers or Cloners How To Prevent Blogger Template From Being Copied or Cloned
Are you lot brave plenty to appear upward the truth that i solar daytime somebody could easily clone (duplicate) your personalize blogger template? From few years, spammers bring learned diverse things that duplicating BlogSpot a template is non hard anymore because all you lot ask is a fleck familiarity amongst CSS, HTML in addition to XML. The mesh is jam-packed amongst those Blogger Templates that are clone from diverse Pro blogs hosted at Blogger. Copying or Replicating a personalized Design of a website is reckon every bit a criminal offense in addition to the culprit may bring to serve detention if he is guilty. In Blogger platform, the whole topic relies on a unmarried XML file that allows spammers to clone templates without whatsoever hesitation whatsoever. Today nosotros volition verbalize over How to Prevent Blogger Template from Getting Cloned.

Why To Protect Your Blogger Template From Duplicating?

The almost idiotic interrogation whatsoever i could inquire is that why I should defend my personal website template from copying. Every Webmasters admires his site pattern because he knew that no i else bring the same theme. Having a unique topic for your site is something that represents a website’s BRAND. Moreover, it becomes the trademark of a website because the visitors kickoff to resemble a site from its matchless design.

How To Prevent Blogger Templates From Copying:

Since, Blogger is non a robust platform. Therefore, the techniques through which nosotros tin orbit notice foreclose our template are pretty much on lesser side. Nevertheless, they are effective in addition to in i lawsuit you lot volition apply them to your site, spammers bring to scratch their caput to re-create your theme. Following are the few unique techniques that volition assist you lot to foreclose your template from copiers.

1. Upload a Separate CSS Style Sheet File:

The biggest drawback nosotros bring inward Blogger Platform, it is non flexible.  We cannot upload a split upward CSS trend canvass inward blogger instead it allow us attach our all CSS coding inside the template, which allows others to re-create the styling without facing whatsoever stress whatsoever. Therefore, it’s crucial for every Blogger user to glue his all trend canvass coding inward a split upward File in addition to and then upload it on either FREE hosting or a Paid Hosting. Lastly, attach the uploaded CSS File to the Blogger template. Now people bring to scratch their caput inward social club to respect the CSS file inward the rootage code of your website. The Example Below shows you lot how in addition to Where to insert the CSS Style Sheet inward Blogger Template.

  • Go To Blogger >> Template >> Proceed
  • Search For <b:skin><![CDATA[ and re-create all the CSS coding till ]]></b:skin>
  • Now Paste the copied code inward an Empty notepad in addition to renamed it to Style.css (.css is file extension). Then upload the Style.css to a Free or Paid hosting.
  • Now inward your Blogger template search for <head> in addition to to a higher house it glue the next coding. Remember to supersede Css-link with the Style.css Downloading link i.e.
  1. <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”Css-link” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

  •  Now Save your Template, in addition to that’s it.

2. Making CSS Style Sheet Jumbled, Not inward an Order:

Try to continue your CSS Style canvass inward jumbled shape because if you lot volition continue it inward a systemic manner, in addition to then chances are extremely high that people tin orbit notice easily re-create your theme. By making your CSS Coding mixed-up, you lot are forcing the copiers to piece of job hard to acquire to your theme. To explicate to a greater extent than clearly, Following is the comparing of a Jumbled (Mixed-up) in addition to an ordinary coding.

3. Use Multiple CSS Style Sheet Files:

One of the almost prominent ways to foreclose your template from duplicators is to distribute them on several pieces. You tin orbit notice distribute you lot CSS on several sections in addition to tin orbit notice follow the same steps every bit nosotros bring mentioned to a higher house to apply it inward your Blogger template. In the same way, you lot tin orbit notice upload to a greater extent than CSS files whenever you lot desire to add together to a greater extent than functions to your website. Having multiple CSS files on a spider web log is a perfect agency to fool the template cloners.

Register Your Theme inward Creative Common License:

The best agency to protect your copyright piece of job whether it is a slice of Coding, Pictures, Music in that location is exclusively i place, Creative Commons. It enables you lot to protect your copyrighted piece of job from copiers in addition to etc. You tin orbit notice easily pattern your ain license whether to allow your audience to edit or simply read your slice of work. By applying for a Creative Common License, you lot are confirming that you lot ain a sure as shooting production which could hold out anything. You tin orbit notice easily register a Free License on Creative Common yesteryear filling a sign upward form. Once you lot bring done amongst the registration, they volition offering a Coding that you lot bring to integrate into your blog. Congratulations, you lot bring positively listed your website on Creative Common (All Right Revised).

From The Editor’s Desk:
We promise these tips would assist you lot inward shielding your blogger template from spammers. However, afterwards registering your site inward Creative Common you lot volition hold out i pace ahead from template copiers. If nosotros missy out whatsoever tip or techniques, in addition to then don’t hesitate you lot acquire out your comments. Till then, Peace, Blessings in addition to Happy Protecting.