How to Stop Search Engines from Indexing Your Blogger Blog

While starting a novel spider web log or website, nosotros e’er wishing to cease Search engines from crawling or indexing the content. The intention may look to endure a incorrect ane because, who would similar to cease search engines from indexing their newly born site. Well, nosotros create accept simply about enterprise reason. When a website is new, it has lots of creepy errors that kill the beauty of a site. As nosotros all say, First impression of a someone is the end impression. Similarly, search engines create assist virtually the structure, together with how good the site is optimized non exclusively for Search Engines but too for the human users. Keeping that inward mind, it’s necessary to enshroud your websites from the Search engines until it gets gear upwards for release.

Before launching or what should nosotros say, releasing it publicly, nosotros e’er create a few experiments similar testing the Headings, Fonts, Color Scheme together with to a greater extent than developing stuff.  Since, the search engines are able to crawl your website. Therefore, they index those pages which are exclusively meant for testing purpose, non for visitors or search engines. These things could wound a website. The touching on would endure diminished, but it would endure at that spot until or unless, your site gets fare plenty reply from the audience. 

The Solution:
Go to >> Settings >> Basic >> Privacy. Now at that spot yous volition able to run across ii options i.e. ane for stopping Search robots from crawling your site together with minute for non allowing your spider web log to endure listed inward the Blogger Profile.
Now Select “NO” on both options i.e. Add your spider web log to our listings, Let search engines honor your spider web log together with hitting the “Save” push clitoris to conclude. Now search engines would proceed to crawl your site, but your Robots.txt file would cease them from indexing your testing posts/pages.
Once your site is gear upwards for the release, yous tin follow the same steps equally mentioned inward a higher house but this fourth dimension guide “YES”. It would plow over access to the robots, together with they volition showtime crawling together with indexing your site.
Note: Only apply the next instructions if your site is either novel or, yous wishing to examination a few things on your site. By applying the next technique, nosotros are non stopping search bots to crawl our site instead nosotros are non allowing them to index the site inward a search result. Once the site is gear upwards to endure launched nosotros tin easily ane time to a greater extent than plow over access to the search bots.