January 2013 Google Algorithm Update Under Progress?

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few days ago, lots of users were asking me whether Google has updated their Algorithm. At that time, I was unsure because Google latterly pushed out a refresh to their algorithm only 10 days earlier the New Year. Therefore, it was non the ideal fourth dimension to ringlet some other one. None the less, in that place are some rumors going approximately inwards the blogosphere nearly an unofficial either Panda or Penguin update. The affair got fired upwards when 2 chatters started a thread on same topic. Both the threads were related on traffic declining. 

The 2 threads on WebmasterWorld convinced me that in that place was an update on Jan 2013.  Still, nosotros are unclear whether it is a Panda, Penguin, or anything else. However, it is for certain that in that place was some refreshment that Google has made to their Algorithm. 

All the automated monitoring tools did non displayed anything substantial results. Therefore, nosotros cannot confirm whether it was an update or not. All the firstly automated monitoring tools convey updated their statistics to Monday, fourteen but yet the number seems to endure normal. Consider the next screenshot to come across the conditions study of Google Algo. 
The conditions reports present that, it was non an update because nosotros hardly saw whatever variety of fluctuation inwards the Metrics. However, it would endure something similar a small-scale index shift or mayhap some fluke inwards the Google ranking system. 
Those who were thinking, that in that place was some variety of update were correct inwards their ain perspective because Google never reveals their niggling secrets inwards public. They e’er refuse all the rumors past times repeating their diplomatic statement. All nosotros tin produce is to smiling at each other’s appear upwards thinking what would endure the adjacent deed past times Google.
If anyone is unsuccessful inwards recovering his site from either Panda, penguin then, he should showtime a novel site because in that place is never besides late. Try to focus on the character of the content, forget nearly the quantity because those days were downwards too dusted when nosotros operate to write long tail articles. Now hither people powerfulness struggle that nosotros convey Reconsideration asking to recover from Algorithms but rightly ane cannot recover it fully. Yes, it would showtime receiving some traffic, but the character of traffic would endure at the lower side. Now the determination is all yours Take it or move out it. 
Does anyone saw a fluctuation inwards their Traffic or Ranking? 

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