MBL Freshable Magazine Theme/Template For Blogger

Do yous wishing to stylize your BlogSpot site amongst spectacular coloring hence yous tin receive got it to the side yesteryear side score of designing? Creating a picture-perfect theme, peculiarly for Blogger platform is non a slice of cake because it requires lots of difficult piece of work in addition to concentration. Therefore, nosotros receive got assembled an e-Magazine template for our Blogger users which has a publish of prominent features that volition brand yous experience equally if yous are at the exceed of the moon. Moreover, it is a Magazine mode subject inwards which nosotros receive got integrated most all of the odd functions that volition non only amuse yous but your readers volition honey them too. In the evolution of this theme, nosotros receive got used multiple WordPress functions to hand it a professional person touch. Let’s non hold off in addition to straight boundary to the fundamental features of this MBL FRESHABLE eMagazine Theme for Blogger.

Features in addition to Key points of MBL Freshable Theme:

  • PRO Magazine Theme: Unlike other magazine templates nosotros receive got integrated a first-class eye-catching functionality that would for sure brand your readers experience much better, in addition to they would honey to notice your site inwards depth.
  • SEO Friendly: Since, this subject is developed yesteryear MBL programmers hence it is 100 percentage Search engine friendly template because nosotros receive got utilized H2 Headings for Post titles amongst the combination of perfect on page SEO.
  • Page Speed: According to Google Page Speed Analysis the homepage of this subject got an overall Page Speed Score of 91 (out of 100) which is a perfect score for a site hosted at blogger.
  • Automatic Responsive Layout: This subject has a responsive layout that would automatically gibe the concealment of monitors in addition to laptops having unlike dimensions. Users tin easily Zoom inwards or zoom out to maximize their usage friendly experience.
  • MBL Threaded Comments: Just similar our previous Pinpress Theme, nosotros receive got combined the same mode Threaded commenting that nosotros are using inwards this MBL Blog. Moreover, yous tin customize its mode according to your wishing needs.
  • Thumbnail Related Posts: In this theme, nosotros receive got also combined an automatic related post thumbnail widget that volition listing related articles at the terminate of every post (it exclusively depends on the pick of Labels). It also has a Tooltips functions, 1 time yous volition hover the related post pollex it volition demo the championship of the post inwards the shape of Tooltip hover.
  • Header in addition to Side Navigations: In this theme, nosotros receive got assembled header in addition to Site navigations inwards 1 work inwards a horizontal format which has consummate changed the await of this Pro Magazine theme.
  • Clean in addition to Captivate Design: It has a spotless pattern because our developers receive got used build clean CSS styling which is responsive for Captivate display. Moreover, yous tin fifty-fifty browse through pages without facing whatsoever delay whatsoever.
  • Impressive Footer in addition to Sub Footer: In this theme, nosotros receive got used 2 footers hence yous tin easily listing your all meaning widgets inwards kickoff footer spell the credit dorsum links tin endure displayed inwards the 2nd one.
  • Perfect Combination of Color Scheme: Most of the Blogger templates are non designed amongst eye-catching color schemes, hence nosotros receive got used most attractive colors inwards this template, which volition supply to a greater extent than user friendly experience.

1. How To Install It inwards Blogger:

Most of the users don’t know how to install a Template inwards Blogger platform, hence but follow the next instructions footstep yesteryear step, in addition to it volition non receive got to a greater extent than than v minutes to complete. Remember: Don’t modify your subject 1 time to a greater extent than in addition to 1 time to a greater extent than because it powerfulness decrease your SEO ranking for a calendar month or so.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Template >> Backup/Restore.
  • Select the MBL-Flexable.XML in addition to Press Upload.

2. Customizing The Site Navigation:

In this template, nosotros receive got connected a widget which volition allow yous to add together your site links without facing whatsoever glitches whatsoever. All yous request to produce is to add together your Site Links along amongst their anchor text. To customize according to your wishing needs follow the next steps.
  • Go To Blogger.com >> Layout >> Freshable MENU>> Press the Edit Button.

  • New Site URL: In here, add together your site Links.
  • New Site Name: In here, add together the refer of the site category (anchor text).
  • In the end, Press Add Link push in addition to salve the widget.

3. Customizing Meta Tags in addition to Descriptions:

To brand your template to a greater extent than SEO friendly inwards damage of on-page optimization hence don’t forgot to customize Meta Tags in addition to descriptions, but produce equally follows.

  • Now inside the template Search for Your_Site_Description_Here and supersede it amongst your site description.
  1. <meta content=’Your_Site_Description_Here’ name=’description’/>
  • Now 1 time to a greater extent than Search for Your_Site_Keywords_Here and supersede it amongst few keywords separated yesteryear a comma.

  1. <meta content=’Your_Site_Keywords_Here.’ name=’keywords’/>

Download MyBloggerLab’s Freshable Theme:

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After the success of MBL’s Pinpress Pinterest similar theme, this was our 2nd attempt, in addition to nosotros are pretty certain that yous volition also appreciate this MBL’s Freshable eMag theme. We receive got decided to percentage templates based on multiple categories similar SEO Friendly, AdSense Ready, 2 Sidebar in addition to etc. If yous receive got liked this theme, hence don’t forget to subscribe us via Emails. Hope yous receive got enjoyed the process till hence peace, blessings, in addition to happy designing.

Editor’s NOTE:
I in addition to my squad produce receive got the powerfulness to cash inwards one’s chips along all the credits yesteryear making few changes but since nosotros honour the master copyright possessor i.e. http://www.fabthemes.com. Therefore nosotros asking you, delight cash inwards one’s chips along the credit links intact inwards the footer. 

These templates is worth $300 but receive got provided it for Free because nosotros are running this weblog successfully due to yous guys. 


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