MBL Pinpress Theme H5N1 Pinterest Like Template For Blogger

Do you lot wishing to renovate your photography BlogSpot Blog into a Pinterest Like Website? Though, WordPress websites already receive got tons of Themes that gives a slight touching of Pinterest but Blogger is non amidst those platforms which are known for their designing as well as customizing. Nevertheless, afterwards weeks of mind-numbing coding function our developers were lastly able to code a Blogger template similar to Pinterest. As nosotros all know, Blogger is non a robust platform thence this is the argue why nosotros receive got derived HTML as well as CSS coding from external sources i.e. WordPress inwards social club to pattern this Template. So instead of waiting farther to a greater extent than fourth dimension inwards chatting allow us at nowadays instruct as well as banking company tally features as well as principal points of this MBL Pinpress Theme For Blogger.

Features as well as Key points of MBL Pinpress Theme:

  • 1. Resemble amongst Pinterest: The most meaning characteristic of this Blogger subject is that it is hold off similar Pinterest (The world’s outset online Pin Board). Whenever, a visitor volition view your weblog for a minute he powerfulness assume, that he may receive got landed on Pinterest rather than your blog.
  • 2. SEO Friendly: Unlike, other photography theme, this 1 is perfectly optimized for Search engine. We volition charge per unit of measurement its on-page SEO 10 on 10.
  • 3. Automatic Responsive Layout: This Theme is deigned inwards such a agency that it volition receive got shape of whatever size of monitors or laptops. It determines the resolution of monitors as well as automatically adjusts according to the wishing demand to furnish hassle complimentary experience to users.
  • 4. MBL Threaded Comments: Everyone was bespeak virtually the threaded commenting organization that nosotros are using on this MBL blog, thence nosotros idea to integrate the same threaded comments inwards this Pinpress theme.
  • 5. Automate Thumbnail Generator: It automatically generates thumbnails of pictures of departure sizes. For example, the bigger moving-picture exhibit you lot volition upload the larger thumbnail it volition display.
  • 6. Catching Thumbnail Hover: Unlike other photograph gallery themes, nosotros receive got also integrated a catching Thumbnail hover lawsuit that volition non solely engage your visitors but also allow them to play amongst it.
  • 7. Jquery Page Loading Effect: If you lot receive got Seen Google Dynamic Blogger Template, as well as thence you lot would know the Page loading Effect, thence past times keeping that inwards mind, nosotros receive got also integrated a Page loading lawsuit on the homepage of this Theme.
  • 8. Social Fan Widget: It also has a Cool Social sharing buttons too the header of this subject that allows you lot to convert your readers into social followers.
  • 9. Search Engine Box: Like every Blogger template this subject also supports Blogger’s Custom search engine that allows your visitors to search beneath your website.
  • 10. No Sidebar = Full Width Page: There is no Sidebar inwards this Theme thence you lot tin relish the irritable hold off of Pinterest website.
  • 11. Drop Down Menu: This incredible template also has a gorgeous Drop downwards carte du jour amongst a minor carmine edge that volition surly attract quite a few readers’ attention.
  • 12. Clean Design: The pattern is spotless, because it is designed amongst the assistance of professional person skilled developers.
  • 13. Author Tag Appear inwards Comments: Whenever writer of the post service volition comment on his post, a footling Author tag volition look on his comment.

How To Install It inwards Blogger:

After successfully downloading the Template, your adjacent chore is to apply it onto your weblog but brand certain that you lot don’t create lots of changes otherwise it could impact your on page SEO. Just create equally mentioned bellow.
  • Go to Blogger.com >> Your Site >> Template
  • Take a Backup of your existing template, thence you lot tin reapply it whenever you lot like.
  • Now Backup/Restore, as well as and thence Upload the MBL PINPRESS THEME. 

Customizing as well as Optimizing the Template:

Now to customize the Drop downwards Menu, Social Widget, as well as to optimize it for Search engine, only follow the next instructions.

For Meta Tags as well as Description:
  • Go to Blogger >> Template >> Proceed
  • Now inside the template Search for Your_Site_Description_Here as well as supersede it amongst your site description.
<meta content=’Your_Site_Description_Here‘ name=’description’/>
  • Now 1 time to a greater extent than Search for Your_Site_Keywords_Here as well as supersede it amongst few keywords separated past times a comma.
<meta content=’Your_Site_Keywords_Here‘ name=’keywords’/>
For Drop Down Menu:

  • Go to Blogger >> Template >> Proceed
  • Now Search For <div class=’wrap group’> (Tip: – Press Ctrl + F)
  • And Just below the <div class=’wrap group’> you lot volition witness a chunk of coding equally shown below.

<div class=’wrap group’>
 <ul class=’group’ id=’navigation’>
 <li class=’current_page_item’><a href=’#’>Home</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Page Template</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Double Width Page</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Post Formats</a>
 <li><a href=’#’>Standard Format</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Image Format</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Gallery Format</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Video Format</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Audio Format</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Quote Format</a></li>
 <li><a href=’#’>Contact</a></li>

Now inwards the inwards a higher identify coding, Replace those keywords which are bold amongst dark color amongst your Site navigation whereas supersede the hash sign (#) amongst their respected goal URLs.

For Social Widget: 

  • Go to Blogger >> Template >> Proceed
  •  Search For <div class=’header-wgt group’> (Tip: – Press Ctrl + F) 
  • And only beneath the <div class=’header-wgt group’> you lot volition run across a chain of coding.
  • Customize it according to the wishing needs as well as Save the theme.

Download MyBloggerLab PINPRESS Theme:

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Hope you lot receive got enjoyed our minor attempt, as well as nosotros are pretty much certain that you lot would honey to implement this MBL Pinpress subject on your Blog Powered past times Blogger.  We receive got also decided to percentage Stunning Blogger Templates on every Lord’s Day night, thence if you lot receive got non bookmarked us, as well as thence instruct ahead as well as create it correct at nowadays because you lot don’t wishing to immature adult woman the chance of grabbing premium BlogSpot templates for Free. Please laissez passer on your suggestions virtually this Pinterest Theme as well as experience complimentary to Leave your questions till as well as thence peace, blessings as well as happy designing.

Editor’s NOTE:
I Do receive got the powerfulness to receive got away all the credits past times changing the flake styling, but I create honor the master copy copyright holders i.e. www.cssigniter.com and http://soratemplates.com/ a. Therefore, nosotros receive got also listed those websites from where nosotros receive got derived coding. I volition laissez passer on applause if our readers volition non alter the credit dorsum links.

This template tin live distributed until or unless you lot link dorsum to our Homepage (MBL). Moreover, this subject is totally FREE, as well as reselling is intensely prohibited (illegal).


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