Now exclusively One 300×600 Google AdSense Unit Allowed on Each Page

Just nether ane calendar month ago, Google squad released a gigantic Ad Format – 300×600. This novel advertizing format got 2 sided answer from the publishers because at that topographic point is no demand to purpose an enormous Ad Slot for no reason. Furthermore, the size of this advertizing Slot is bigger than other Ad units. This is the argue why Google squad has announced a alter inward their policy. Now publishers tin solely house ane 300×600 size advertizing unit of measurement on each page. To live on honest, nosotros were good aware that this Ad slot would non terminal thus long because Google Page Layout Algorithm doesn’t permit likewise many ads inward a higher house the fold, thus this could live on the reason, why publishers tin solely house ane 300×600 size advertizing slot per page. 

What would come about if a publisher house 3 300×600 advertizing slots. It’s quite obvious that at that topographic point would live on no room for content. Even if a individual does roughly modifications inward his subject in addition to then nonetheless it’s impossible to convey a user-friendly sense alongside such large bunch of advertisements.  
Google wrote,

Because this novel format is larger than all our other advertizing units, nosotros desire to assistance ensure a residual betwixt content in addition to ads across publisher sites. With this inward mind, going forward, publishers volition live on permitted to house a maximum of ane 300×600 advertizing unit of measurement on each page. If you’ve placed to a greater extent than than ane 300×600 advertizing unit of measurement per page on your site, nosotros enquire that you lot take whatsoever additional advertizing units past times Jan 10, 2013. We’ll also live on sending electronic mail notifications shortly to affected publishers, bespeak them to brand this update.

If whatsoever publisher who is using to a greater extent than than ane 300×600 advertizing slot on each page in addition to then he should take whatsoever additional advertizing slots till Jan 10, 2013. After the deadline, Google volition ship notifications to affected published bespeak them to brand changes inward their site. If anyone failed to fulfill all the requirements, in addition to then Google has the rights to cancel (Ban) their account, thus brave in addition to take the advertizing slot equally presently equally possible. 

This doesn’t hateful that publishers tin solely house ane advertizing unit of measurement per page. The issue of ads units nonetheless remains the same (three per page), thus it is possible to house ane 300×600 side advertizing slot in addition to upward to 2 other sizes on a page. The alter inward the policy is to render usual benefits to both Publishers in addition to advertisers. 

From The Editor’s Desk:

By adding a 300×600 size advertizing slot to your site it volition improve the CTR charge per unit of measurement in addition to provides to a greater extent than chances of earning. However, nosotros wouldn’t recommend anyone to purpose such an enormous advertizing slot because it could harm user-friendly experience. According to Google, “We’re continuously working to educate novel in addition to amend sizes that would render user-friendly sense to your visitors”. We’re also thinking to plough over it a try. What are your thoughts nearly the update inward Google AdSense policies? Take a lot aid till then, Peace, Blessings in addition to Happy Earning.