Official Google Panda #22 Algorithm Update: Nov 21

Are you lot seeing a meaning decrease inwards your organic traffic? Does a i believe that it is due to the Google Panda algorithm? If yeah then, his half dozen senses is boom on target. There were some rumors going around inwards the Blogosphere almost the Panda 22th algorithm which was afterwards on declined past times Google. However, on this occasion they possess got officially confirmed that Panda 22th is in conclusion updated. The Google Panda#22 affected approximately 0.8% of queries in English all across the public which proves that it wasn’t a initiatory update. On the other hand, many of the webmaster saw a slight turn down inwards their traffic. Today inwards this article, nosotros volition live on discussing to a greater extent than almost Panda#22 Algorithm together with would wrap-up the article alongside some unique tips.

The Story Behind Panda#22:

About 10 days agone nosotros idea that Google has updated its most unsafe algorithm The Panda update. The tidings got to a greater extent than serious when nosotros witnessed a spark amid the webmasters due to the turn down inwards their organic traffic. However, Google declined past times maxim that, “We brand over 500 improvements to Google Search each yr therefore nosotros tin give notice surface high-quality data for our users. However, people may witness a alter inside 10 days”.  

Those 10 days are passed, together with Barry of Seroundtable again emailed Google for to a greater extent than ups almost Panda, together with this fourth dimension they possess got confirm almost the refresh. Google told us that, they possess got updated their Algorithm on 21st of November, less than ii days when nosotros starting fourth dimension emailed them to confirm almost the rumors. 

What is coming next, whatever novel Algorithm update?

We don’t intend that Google would launch whatever novel algorithm update because they already possess got 4 algorithm to possess got attention of i.e. Panda, Penguin, EMD (Exactly Matched Domains) together with Page Layout Algo. Well, nosotros believe no i should attention almost these updates together with start to concentrate on lineament content. Once, people would give less attending to these Algorithms Google volition halt brutalizing bloggers. We are implementing the same technique because Quality matters a lot. 

Some To the signal Tips to Survive Google’s Algo: 

Following are the few unique tips together with techniques that are essential to follow if whatever webmasters desire to protect him from all form of Algorithm updates. 

  • No False Backlinks: Instead of wasting fourth dimension inwards commenting for the sake of backlinks. Try to write gorgeous content because, content is the exclusively thing that could amuse visitors, together with Google too.
  • Be the Leader, Stop Copying content: To live on honest, people spends lots of their fourth dimension inwards spinning together with copying others content. Remember i thing copiers tin give notice never live on the leaders.

From the Editor’s Desk:

That’s all nosotros possess got for tonight. Hope everyone would live on happy to come across an growth inwards their traffic. This is the starting fourth dimension time when Google has rolled out ii Panda updates inwards same months, which hateful that the fourth dimension nigh when nosotros volition witness to a greater extent than than ii updates per month. Whoa! That sounds devastating? Indeed. What are you lot feelings almost this algorithm? Take a lot attention till together with therefore Peace, Blessings together with happy Updating.