There Was No Panda Algorithm Update: Says Google

Sometimes dreams are thence high that they never teach true, but if large masses of people has the same dream in addition to of a abrupt someone country them that their dream is non existent then, nosotros tin dismiss assume what that soul would feel. Last Friday, nosotros witnessed pregnant signs of a Google Algorithm update. The ship upon was thence high that it literally brutalizes the whole blogger community. Nonetheless, Google has directly come upwardly into the activeness in addition to conduct maintain confirmed that at that spot was NO Algorithm update neither Panda nor Penguin (No update at all). No Update! That means, the whole webmaster community in addition to SEOs who saw lots of fluctuations were wrong. Google has given nascence to lots of questions that are wobbling inwards the brains of bloggers.  

What come about to the Graphical Traffic representation of Mozcast, and SERPmetrics? They all displayed enormous signs of a taunting Algorithm update and, they runway the information quite correctly. Maybe it was a põrnikas that causes the fluctuation? Maybe something fishy is going on. It volition rest a mystery that why nosotros saw a abrupt growth in addition to reject inwards our traffic. 

Believe it or not, at that spot was no Algorithm update. Therefore, it’s fourth dimension to concentrate on your content in addition to run towards creating high lineament content because the adjacent update is knocking on the doors. Maybe Google would laissez passer a Christmas or New Year’s Day surprise to Bloggers. Let’s proceed our figures cross, in addition to promise for the best.

     According to Google,
We brand to a greater extent than than 500 improvements inwards our search Algorithm each twelvemonth thence tin dismiss furnish high lineament experience to our users.

To move honest, nosotros recall that it was an Update but nosotros are non certain why Google is non accepting it. However, at that spot is no postulate to become inwards depth because Google has kept many things secrete thence instead of waiting for an update its fourth dimension to grow your site. What are your thoughts, does Google is hiding something? Give your precious comments? Take a lot tending till then, Peace, Blessings in addition to Happy Blogging.