Top x Youngest Teenage Pakistani Bloggers & Blogs of 2013

The earth of blogging is thence vast that on every nook in addition to corner of life, nosotros witness some tremendously gifted bloggers. Since, talent has no age. This is the reason, why every straightaway in addition to and thence nosotros witness lots of Young Teenagers who ever astonish us amongst their capabilities in addition to talent. People say Blogging comes past times age, but many Young Teenage Bloggers pick out proved them incorrect past times establishing their blogs inward such an early on age. Previously, nosotros had discussed some Highest earning Pro Bloggers of the earth every bit good of Pakistan. However, today to give a pocket-sized boost to these immature guns nosotros decided to curate a listing of Top 10 Youngest Teen Bloggers of Pakistan.

Criteria of Ranking:

  • Alexa = 20%
  • PageRank = 40%
  • Earning = 40%

1.Ammar Ali of

Ammar Ali the homo himself proved to live on the most flourishing in addition to successful immature blogger of Pakistan. He lives inward the working capital missive of the alphabet of Islamic Republic of Pakistan that is Islamabad. He owns a Blog called that is non to a greater extent than than 1 yr old, but nevertheless the PageRank in addition to blossoming Alexa Ranking speaks clearly that how good he has managed his site. Though, he doesn’t write actively on his site, but some first-class invitee authors ever convey some spicy topics for the audience. According to Ammar Ali, he is earning $600 per month from Affiliates, which is indeed a bright score for a teenager. 

2.Hammad Baig of

Perhaps, the softest blogger is Hammad Baig of He is known for his simplicity in addition to variety nature. He is non solely earning some bucks from blogging, but he has also setup a pocket-sized fellowship that is grossing quite a few clients. He also lives inward the flourishing metropolis of Karachi. According to him, he is earning around $700 per month from his blog. The Alexa ranking in addition to PR tells us why he stands at the 2d SPOT. 

3.Raheem Khan of Known.PK:

The youngest, most adoring, in addition to my favorite immature blogger is Raheem Khan. Our petty champ lives inward the beautiful metropolis of Quetta. Believe it or not, his historic menstruum is merely xv in addition to yet he is able to describe off tons of organic traffic to his website. He is the founder of Known.PK. His site is non to a greater extent than than vi months old. His PageRank is means ameliorate than whatever other spider web log which are listed inward this list. Astonished? According to him, he is making $500 per month through AdSense in addition to straight advertising. 

4.Ehsan Ullah Khoshbakht of

If anyone spends most of his fourth dimension is doing a query over his upcoming articles, in addition to thence nosotros would non create jurist if nosotros would non yell Ehsan Ullah Khoshbakht of His each in addition to every article consists of comprehensive information. This is the argue why his overall Alexa Ranking is fairly ameliorate than many other websites. According to him, he is generating $400 per month through affiliate marketing. He spends most of his childhood inward Karachi, Pakistan. However, non he is living inward Kunduz, Afghanistan.

5.Mujahid Rana of

Mujahid Rana is the funniest guy to hang out amongst in addition to i of my best pals. He lives inward Sialkot which is known for its sports goods. He may ain a pocket-sized looking Trolling spider web log i.e., but don’t charge per unit of measurement it on its ranking because believe it or non he is earning to a greater extent than than all bloggers that nosotros pick out mentioned inward the list. According to him, he is earning $1000 per month. Amazed? You should be. He should live on on the top of the listing but since his site is a pictorial website. Therefore, he is at our fifth SPOT.

6.Haider Afridi of

When nosotros speak virtually establishing an amusement based site it ever looks similar an unprofitable act. However, Haider Afridi had some other plans instead of roofing a whole lot he started a fan guild on his favorite Bollywood thespian “Salman Khan” in addition to named it Believe it or not, his fan guild has to a greater extent than than 317000 (317k) Fans. According to him He earns $250 per Month. He has also started a novel company where he predicts the success charge per unit of measurement of upcoming Bollywood movies i.e. He also owns a rattling pop YouTube Channel where he host a demo inward a shape of video reviewing in addition to giving critics virtually the upcoming bollywood movies (vlogging). He is Pakistani from his origin but lives inward Kuwait.

7.Mairaj Pirzada of

He may await pocket-sized from his looks but certainly know all the tricks of blogging. He industrial plant every bit editor-in-chief at in addition to also owns his personal site where he writes virtually his personal on-going adventures. Perhaps, he is the bit youngest guy inward our list. The solely argue why he stands hither is due to the difficult operate he had done. We cannot forfeit his passion virtually blogging. He also lives inward my metropolis the metropolis of lights i in addition to solely Karachi. 

8.Salman Baig of

Another smart in addition to dashing immature guy to engagement amongst is Salman Baig. He non solely has bold looks, but he also owns a spider web log that is super-efficient. According to him, he is earning through advertisements in addition to affiliates. He is before long starting his novel company regarding Search Engine Optimization. For that, he has already purchased a domain in addition to has extended its decease engagement to 10 years. Amazing? 

9.Muhammad Irshad of

Perhaps, he is the upcoming immature Pakistani blogger. He owns where he writes virtually the latest trends inward technology. His website is non fifty-fifty to a greater extent than than two months quondam in addition to yet he is able to achieve a respectable Alexa Ranking. He is also from my habitation metropolis Karachi.

10.Hamid Roshaan of

Hamid roshon some other immature guy from Pakistan, who has merely landed inward the blogosphere in addition to yet he is able to achieve the abide by from his readers. The site may non await thence gigantic inward damage of ranking but nevertheless he has fair cognition virtually blogging. It’s merely a beginning. He is from Raheem Yar Khan, located inward the tell of Punjab, inward Pakistan. 

Saad Naeem of

If this article was published virtually vii years ago, nosotros would sure as shooting include Saad Naeem every bit the finest in addition to the youngest Blogger of Pakistan. However, His historic menstruum is straightaway 24 but nevertheless this article would await deadening if nosotros would non yell him inward this list. Saad Naeem is an addictive Blogger. Among his readers, he is unremarkably known every bit “Mr. All-rounder” because of his all-round skills inward blogging every bit good every bit inward online business. Though, he is earning much to a greater extent than from his other website but from he is generating to a greater extent than or less $400 per month. He belongs to Islamic Republic of Pakistan but spending his life inward Dubai, UAE.

From the Editor’s Desk:

It almost took a calendar week or thence to collect all the data virtually the webmasters that are listed above. We would also comprehend bloggers from other countries likewise from upcoming days. Those who intend they should live on inward our listing in addition to thence Please nosotros are extremely sad for non including you. Please, add together your URL inward the comment in addition to our squad volition aid your site in addition to would include it inward our list. What are your thoughts virtually the list? Take a lot care, till then, Peace, Blessing in addition to happy blogging.