What Are the Limitations of a Blogger.com Account

Most of the people e’er prefer to select blogger.com to give a salubrious start to their blogging career. The fact is quite clear that rootage it is free-to-use (no ask to pass a unmarried penny over purchasing domain or hosting) as well as mo it is slowly to use. The only cost that y’all may pay for choosing this FREE platform is that, it has lots of limitations. Unfortunately, Blogger.com has lots of limitations which nosotros volition hold out discussing inwards today’s article (What are the limitations of Blogger Account).

Number of Blogs:

You tin practise 100 dissimilar blogs per account. However, inwards instance the bound gets exceeded as well as thence Google regime receive got the correct to non only disable your delineate of piece of employment organization human relationship but also bound your access to your blogs. Therefore, e’er hold inwards heed that your spider web log lists does non operate past times the 100 mark. 

Number of Posts:

Fortunately, at that spot are no such limits for the let out of posts. You tin practise unlimited posts alongside unlimited content. All the posts would hold out saved into your account, as well as they volition hold out at that spot until or unless y’all deleted them manually. In instance y’all unwantedly delete the posts, as well as thence they tin hold out recovered through Google History Cache.

Size of Pages: 

Separate pages (the primary page of your site, the archive pages as well as the postal service pages) are express to 1 MB inwards size. This volition allow y’all to add together hindered pages of text. However, if y’all listing 100 posts on either habitation or accomplish pages as well as thence it powerfulness operate past times the size limit, as well as it would display an mistake message such as, “006 delight contact Blogger Support”. You tin become rid of this mistake past times decreasing the let out of posts on your primary page.

Account Suspension:

Blogger has about strict rules as well as regulations. They suspend a site or fifty-fifty your whole delineate of piece of employment organization human relationship if it is suspected that y’all are violating their whatsoever price of service. Once, the site gets suspended as well as thence at that spot is hardly whatsoever direct a opportunity of recovering it back. Blogger.com does non transportation notifications earlier banning an account, it agency at that spot is no alert for the website owner. Once the spider web log gets suspended the domain would hold out on hold, as well as no i tin purpose the same domain again.

Number of Comments:

There are no such limits inwards the let out of comments. H5N1 Post tin receive got unlimited comments. It depends on y’all whether y’all present the comments or enshroud them from your posts, but the pre-existing comments would hold out remained saved inwards your account. You tin enable the comments anytime y’all like.

Size of Pictures:

There is no size bound of a unmarried picture. However, if y’all are uploading a motion-picture present through your mobile or smartphones as well as thence it should non bigger than 250K per picture. Remember: 1 Blog has 1 Gigabyte of FREE prototype hosting. 

Length or Size of Posts:

There are no such limitations for the length of the private posts. However, if your posts are besides long as well as thence they powerfulness operate past times the page Size Limits (See the adjacent betoken to elaborate the size limitations).

Number of Stand-Alone Pages:

You tin only practise twenty Stand-Alone pages per spider web log (example of a stand-alone page: omelto.com/p/advertise-here.html). 

Storage Limit of Pictures:

The storage bound for pictures is 1 GB (Gigabytes), which are linked to your Picasa account. Even if y’all delete them from your pages it would hold out all the same available on your Picasa Account.

Number of Labels:

You tin practise 5000 unique labels per spider web log as well as tin purpose twenty unique labels per post. 

Team Members:

You tin add together upward to 100 members per blog. 


We would recommend y’all to driblet dead along using this FREE platform, but brand certain y’all become rid of BlogSpot domain as well as transform it to .com because it has much to a greater extent than flexible options. Incase Google delete your site due to about policy violation as well as thence y’all tin motion your site to WordPress. However, if y’all practise non receive got a .com Domain as well as thence y’all would hold out left empty handed. Now the determination is yours either accept it or operate out it. 

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