Why To Migrate Blogger Blog To Self-hosted WordPress

A individual who started his dream website on Blogger has merely ane query inwards his mind, together with this is “Should I migrate my Google hosted weblog to WordPress”. On the other hand, he seems to endure a chip tensed that what would direct house if I lose my all SERP Ranking. This is the reason, why lots of Bloggers shy spell migrate their site from Google server to self-hosted WordPress blog. The reason, why WordPress over-shines over Blogger is its flexible plugin inventory, which makes things pretty straightforward. Therefore, beingness a pioneer of Blogger enabled site nosotros merely through why non to inaugural off a build novel serial inwards which nosotros volition part the right techniques that a individual should adopt spell migrating his site from blogger to WordPress.

Introduction: Why To Migrate Blogger Blog To Self-hosted WordPress
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Why a Person Should Migrate His Site To WordPress:

Following are the few reasons why a individual should migrate his site either it is hosted at Blogger or whatsoever other Platform to WordPress. Consider the next meaningful reasons.

1. An Enormous Inventory of Magical Plugins:

WordPress inventory has to a greater extent than than thousands of Plugins that build things for webmasters to heighten his site according to his wishing needs. With merely ane click, a individual tin give the sack easily install plugins from numerous categories.  It is every bit straightforward together with one, two, iii together with done. Unexpectedly, most plugins are gratis that agency a individual won’t bring to pass a unmarried slice of penny over them. However, for advance Plugins bring to pass few bucks to build role of them. WordPress Plugin inventory is similar a magical wand, “You mention it together with they bring it”

2. Search Engine Friendly Platform:

No affair whether a individual is a BlogSpot geek or not, but he volition sure concur amongst the fact that it lacks a lot inwards damage of SEO. Though, Google has done lots of changes inwards Blogger platform past times introducing search preference but all the same it has lots of drawbacks. On the other hand, WordPress is extremely SEO Friendly because it has tons of plugins that helps inwards increasing the Crawling charge per unit of measurement together with also improves the SERP Ranking. Especially, Yoast SEO Plugin is a consummate SEO Plugin together with its gratis which makes it perfect for fifty-fifty a modest blogger.

3. You are the Only Owner:

The biggest payoff of having a self-hosted website is that, “a individual who started a site is the solely possessor of it. It means, he tin give the sack exercise anything i.e. uploading anything to the website root, delete his website together with more. However, inwards Blogger nosotros bring to mess amongst Google because they won’t allow us to upload anything to the origin file of a site. Therefore, a individual won’t bring the consummate access, together with ultimately he becomes the Co-admin, spell Google becomes his boss. Moreover, a sword ever stands to a higher house those sites hosted at blogger who part pirated content. 

4. Tons of Different together with Unique Themes:

WordPress themes are seat upwardly amongst a lot of delightful features. On viewing a first-class WP theme, no tin give the sack halt himself from proverb a, “WOW”. Though, anyone tin give the sack easily transform a WP subject to blogger, but no ane tin give the sack replicate its existent beauty. There are tons of FREE together with Paid themes through which everyone tin give the sack fertilize their website. Moreover, nosotros bring Frameworks through which anyone tin give the sack blueprint their personal customized themes (That sounds remarkable). 

5. Easy to Customize:

Those who retrieve that WordPress is complex together with then nosotros would similar to tell you, that it is extremely straightforward that fifty-fifty a 10 twelvemonth one-time nipper tin give the sack inaugural off his weblog over WordPress. However, it demands a few resemblances amongst PHP, HTML together with CSS. It’s non necessary to larn all these hard figurer languages because plugins create exercise everything amongst ease.  If you lot all the same retrieve nosotros are incorrect then, expire ahead together with install WAMP  locally on your figurer together with witness the ability of WordPress (Will explicate later).

6. Flexible Interface:

It has highly flexible interface through which anyone tin give the sack easily upload themes, plugins together with etc. The latest version of WordPress has almost everything inwards it. Its ship composer has almost each together with every characteristic that nosotros bring inwards Blogger. However, the flexibility of WP interface is much ameliorate together with then Blogger.

7. Some Tiny But Significant Reasons:

Following are the few tiny reasons that why WordPress overshines over each together with every blogging platform.

  • Add More than twenty Pages: WP Allows to add together to a greater extent than unlimited Pages While blogger allows solely 20.
  • Highly optimized:  WordPress has or thence tremendous tools that assist a lot inwards designing a perfect spider web site.
  • Comment Spam Control: WP has or thence tremendous plugins together with edifice features that reduces spam. 

From The Editor’s Desk:

Being a Blogger love, nosotros all the same believe that it is a first-class platform. However, nosotros cannot reject the truth that WordPress is something that is for PRO Webmasters.  We would sure recommend WP to all those followers, who are sick together with tired of clumsiness of WordPress. On the other hand, those who retrieve that Blogger is good plenty for them together with then they shouldn’t bring to worry nearly it. In the coming upwardly articles of this series, nosotros volition speak over the right technique that a webmaster should adopt spell migrating till together with then Peace, Blessings together with Happy WordPressing. 

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