YouTube Blocked In Islamic Republic of Pakistan Over Blasphemy Video – Google Is Next On List

After the Blasphemy of Holy prophet (Peace hold out Upon Him) tons of Muslim countries protested against State of Israel together with USA because they played a cardinal role inwards constructing this Undersized Film based on our Beloved Last Holy Prophet (PBUH). On this occasion, YouTube played an enormous role is broadcasting this miserable together with negative video. Therefore, lots of Islamic countries including India, Earlier, Afghanistan, Egypt, together with Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya commanded YouTube government to eliminate this disturbing video based on the Blasphemy of Holy Prophet (PBUH) from their Country. Now Islamic Republic of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is all laid to utterly Block worlds nearly viewed online video portal YouTube because they convey no contract amongst YouTube. In fact, Pakistani Government has already Banned on 17, September 2012 temporally. Today nosotros volition hold out discussing a fact that why Pakistani Government along amongst other Muslim countries Banned YouTube from accessing.

Everything started amongst an independent filmmaker Called Sam Basel who belongs to a Jewish community inwards Israel. He is the mastermind behind a ridiculous cinema based on Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). He collected 5 1000000 dollar coin equally a donation from a Jewish community to build a harsh moving painting to mock Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) together with was uploaded to YouTube.

This Disrespectful cinema was largely condemned which includes Middle East, Gulf countries, Libya, Arab Republic of Egypt etc. Pakistani people were unaware of this critical number because PTA did timely actions to block those harsh videos on YouTube. Moreover, Today (17 September) PTA received a mandate from the Chief Justice of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to solely withdraw YouTube from Pakistan. First Chief Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan equally good ordered PTA to withdraw all un-Islamic videos from the spider web but due to the refurbishment of the same video PTA in conclusion blocked YouTube.

Though, YouTube has received a asking from the White theatre to withdraw this uneventful Video, but YouTube has disregarded their asking together with convey said that “The Video Maker has non violated whatsoever rules or community guidance”.

Google May Also Get Block In Pakistan:

PTA has equally good confirmed that if YouTube volition non withdraw the Video based on Prophet Muhammad PBUH him hence they volition non only BAN but volition block their all services including Blogger, Google Plus, together with etc. This is extremely lamentable intelligence because tons of Pakistani Bloggers together with webmasters rely on Google. Imagine a World without Google it volition hold out tough for each together with every someone who is living inwards Islamic Republic of Pakistan because it is a pregnant root to larn together with read.

How To Report PTA For Blasphemous Content:

After this tragedy, nosotros should larn How Local Pakistanis tin dismiss complain to PTA to withdraw whatsoever content that violates the Blasphemy Laws inwards Pakistan. If you lot discovery whatsoever Video or ikon that violates Blasphemy Laws hence experience gratis to shipping complains to this e-mail ID: [email protected].

Being a Muslim What We Should Do?

Firstly, nosotros all are human beings. However, if humans started to comport similar animals hence at that spot volition hold out no dissimilar betwixt a Man together with an animal. Secondly, beingness a Muslim or non-Muslim it’s our duty to struggle against terrorism together with violation of human rights.

From The Editor’s Desk:
By publishing this article nosotros don’t desire to assault anyone, particularly Non-Muslims because it fourth dimension that nosotros bespeak to spread awareness, together with let everyone to empathize that ISLAM is a organized religious belief sum of liberty together with Love. We asking out all Muslim or Non-Muslim Followers to delight boycott this video whether it is on YouTube or whatsoever other platform.